Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 82 - Cookies Week

Since I have sucked writing letters the past couple of weeks I will try to do better this week. The week was good! Super exhausting.. I feel dead haha the lack of sleep has been getting to me. This week was just super busy. We had a meeting again in Naga. Then Exchanges with the Assistants, then Zone training and interviews were tied into that. Tie in another exchange and some baptismal interviews. Just all added up. But its good to be busy! So I'lll take it.
Interviews with President was a huge blessing. Just helped me out a ton! helped me figure things out that I needed to figure out. And talking to Sister Reeder is also a huge blessing! she is the best. haha the sweetest ever.

The work is coming along! We had our 70 year old investigator come to church. He is a professor here at a college. 70 years old and still teaching! he is super golden. Just super prepared. the only struggle has been getting him to church. And he finally came! So let the progression continue :) the mission is awesome.

Life is good! time is flying by way too quick... But that is what makes it enjoyable! makes me appreciate each day I have. I love you all! I ate balot this week... Wasn't as bad as I thought! but I won't eat it again maybe haha all is well. I leave you with a scripture! D&C 64:33. Until next time folks.

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