Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Week 23 - Naga Week

My People!! What is going on? Just first want to say Merry Merry Christmas
to you all! Crazy to think we are already here to another Christmas. Time
truly does fly by. Don't take the little moments for granted! Especially a
time like this. I hope all of you enjoy the time with family, friends, or
wherever you may be! Man it is a great time of year :) Great week my peeps,
I hope I can tell you all! So let's get started...

Well this week was Naga week! On Wednesday we had to hit up the good ole
city for a workshop for my little boy Elder Buenafe. That was a party! It
was more for him because he got to see his batch mates and it was just like
Christmas for the little guy :) Everytime I go to Naga though, which isn't
a lot! I realize how different the city is and I like freak out. haha there
are tons and tons of people! And cars! It is so weird haha living here in
the provence, all I see are rice fields, caribous and the occasional tricy.
The city is a totally different story! Never thought it would be that way
but that is just the way the cookie crumbles. I miss a good ole homemade
choco cookie by the way... but ya! that was Wednesday haha then Thursday we
had our Mission Christmas Party. Cahoooo!!! haha such a blast 198
missionaries in one place to have some fun. Let's just saw we partied it
up. The way missionaries do! haha We even got to watch Johnny Linngo! So
good to finally watch something other than the District.. The struggle of
missionaries! but ya the mission party was a blast! had some talents, got
some gifts, watched some movies and just chilled with other people serving
the lord! now that is a Christmas :)

So since we were in Naga for two days, we did not get that much work in.
But all is well! We also had our Branch Christmas Party on Saturday and
that was great because we had some invs and Less actives show up! hahaha
just a party week for sure :) The branch party was awesome and just a great
way to get closer to the people and help them just relax!

So ya my homies, that was the week! Life is good! It's Christmas! I hope we
all remember the true meaning of Christmas this year. Until now, I don't
think I really did. But this was the start of the greatest gift we could
recieve as people here on Earth. Our father in heaven loved us so much that
he gave us his son so we could all live with him again. So how grateful are
we for this precious gift? I know I don't always show my gratitude to him,
but I hope that this christmas I can do that for him. I hope we all can. So
let us give a little more than we recieve this year. Let us be thankful for
the things we have instead of thinking about what we don't have. I am
grateful for all of you and the support you continually give me. I feel the
love and the care you all have for me and that is something I will never
forget. Enjoy this wonderful time of year my friends. Wherever you may be
celebrating, remember that you are never alone. We have been given the
greatest gift of all and that is a gift that will never go away. He is
there waiting for you to accept it. I love you all and wish you a very
Merry Christmas. I leave you with a scripture Isaiah 41:13. I love you all.
Until next time my friends.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 22- Progress Week

Another week is here my friends! Hope all of you are doing great! Life is good here in the good ole motherland. Just taking life a day at a time and just living! What else can ya do? Well try to get you updated on this week, don't have a ton of time but let's do this!

So huge progessing week! The area is doing awesome and I feel so blessed. Not getting punted as much! and we are picking up some sick new investigators so life is just good with work! We picked up a sick family inv and they got huge potenialHopefully we can help these people out and just help them realize the awesomeness the gospel is. Only time will tell! But it has been awesome to see the people progressing and finally wanted to listen to the gospel. Patience is key! Who would have thought haha

Oh ya i just remembered!!!! Probably the best news ever, CAFFIENE IS NO LONGER AGAINST THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha Cahooo!!! When I found out you know I bought an ice cold coke and just had a hay day. So life is good my friends :) I can finally have a coke and a mountain dew. The problem is there is no Dr. Pepper here and that sucks. But I got coke! Life is a party :)

So ya! that is the week my folks :) just living it a day at a time and just making the most of what we got! that is all we can do right? The pics! so my comp caught this cool lizard hahaha and he named it after me! i felt like such a proud daddy. So there is a pic of him and me! finn jr. then this cat is at one of our investigators house and just always chills with me! he is my homie and we rock this place. Well peeps that is all I got! I hope you are all just loving life! Christmas is coming up!! Remember what it means. enjoy the time with the family, enjoy life and don't worry. it will all work out! I leave you with a scripture. Jacob 4:7. Until next time my friends.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 21 - Patience Week

Well folks, it has been an interesting week! haha the title says it all.
Patience week. I have learned that I have a ton of weaknesses this week, of
course everyone does! I also learned that  But it has been a way humbling
week that is for sure. The lord is in charge people, don't let anyone else
tell you different! And only through him can you get things done. Well,
let's update you on the week!

So first off, we had interviews this week, which meant weigh ins hahaha
which is a big deal for me! found out I lost another 11 pounds...
Cahooo!!!!!!! hahaha I haven't been this skinny since Nam, seriously it is
crazy! I was so pumped when i found out how much I weighed. Hopefully we
can finally say goodbye to chubby me :) we all know that is a joke... But I
am just gonna soak it in while i can! I just had to include that, ok now to
the important things i guess.

So teaching wise was tough but fun as well! With this open area we are left
with finding in-actives and just tracting, trying to talk to as much people
as possible. The hard part is when it rains everyone is inside and when we
go to there house all we hear is that no one is there haha even if they are
the ones saying it! So that is always fun :) So our action plan was when
you can't teach the adults, teach the kids! So we did just that. haha I got
some pics of them. It was crazy! The best part is they love it haha
everytime we pass by they always ask when we will teach again to them and
they always have there pamphlets in their hands! Hopefully we can just
start teaching their parents too. A little hard without them. But all is
well! Just gotta plants those little seeds in those little ones!

So that has basically been this week! I have never seen so much rain, I
have never been this drenched because of the rain, I have never walked so
much in my entire life, I have never been so tired from walking, I have
never been rejected by so many people, not even by girls! which I thought
was impossible haha but there have been a lot of I have nevers. The biggest
one though is I don't think I have ever been this happy. I have never felt
so sure that this is where I am supposed to be. And I have never felt so
sure about things until now. I know for a fact Heavenly Father loves us. He
is our dad, he wants only the best for us. That is the reason we have the
hard times. To learn and to grow closer to him. Don't forget that my
friends. Always remember you are never alone and you don't have to do
anything by yourself. He is on your side waiting for you to return to him.
I love you guys and seriously am so thankful for all that you do for me.
Keep it up my home skillets! I leave you with a scripture. Mosiah 2:22.
Until next time my friends.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 20 - Walking Week

Well folks! Another week down. Time just seems to be flying by! It's mindblowing haha I feel like I just started my mission and now I am 6 months in. Even though this may be one of the hardest things ever, it may also be the biggest blessing in my life too. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else than on the mission. So there is the little motivation side of me! K, let's get you updated on the week!

So this week I think we set a record for miles walked. Seriously, I thought we walked a lot in my first area, I was so wrong. Being in a new area and not knowing where anything is means you tend to get lost and just walk and hope for the best! So that is what we did! We have just been trying to find all the less actives here and that can be a challenge! but Luckily we just have some fun and talk to everyone as much as we possible can.

So ya with all the walking we did this week, rain was added! and just my luck my umbrella broke haha so I rocked that no umbrella life for two days in the rain. I was drenched! but it was a party! The second night E. Buenafe decided to join the crew and we both just worked with no umbrellas. haha it was bad! we both just looked like we just had a hay day at sea world with Shamu. But we had a blast. Whenever we found a puddle we just acted like 3 year olds and just had some fun! seriously I got blessed with the most legit son! The life of a dad :)

So that has been the week! it has been a tough one lesson wise. The reason we have walked so much is because we have been punted so much! LIke its unbelievable how many times we have been. But the lord has a reason! I know something has to be learned here so we are just trying to stay postive and make the most of the situation we have in front of us. that is all we can do :) Just make the struggle a party! 

So that is the week folks! Just enjoying the time and making the most of it. Heck you are only serving in the Philippines once so make the most of it right? I love it here. it is crazy to think that 6 months have already passed by but I am glad that I have been here for those 6 months. I miss you all and I hope life is still life for you. Just know there is a reason the things are happening. Keep pushing forward and make the most of everything you got. One day it will all be well. Until then, I leave you with a scripture. 2 Nephi 33:6. Until next time my friends. 


Week 19 - Daddy Week

Well folks, I have a kid!! haha that is what they call it when you train a
newbie on the mission. So ya I am a daddy now. My kid's name is E.
Buenafe!! he is 24 and I am 19. Doesn't make any sense so just go with it.
But he is from Ililo- Ililo! He is a stud and a master chef so I may pack
on the weight I just lost in my first area. The struggle!! But ya that is
my kid! Such a proud daddy :)

So I am now in San Roque! Which is in Laganony, which is in Camarines Sur
and all they speak here in bicol. So that is fun! No more tagalog haha so
it is just a party for both of us. But the area is awesome! We got here
Wednesday night and spent the rest of the week trying to get to know the
members in the area and see what really is our area. So it has been kind of
adventure time searching for people but it leads to great opportunities and
I am pumped to see how it all goes! Since I am training we will both be
companions for 3 months which will be a blast. He truly is a stud.

My kid is growing up too! Yesterday we were teaching and my little boy
invited the investigator to be baptized and they said yes!! hahaha what a
stud my kid is. what happened to me?! But I was so happy for my little guy.
They grow up so fast. So i am really a proud dad right now :)

That is all I can think about! Leaving the first area was one of the
hardest things ever but I know the lord has a plan for me here. The lord
has a plan for everyone. Just trust in it and do you part. If you do your
part, the lord will take care of the rest. I love you all and thank you for
the support, the emails, everything you all do for me. Can't wait to see
you all again. Until then I leave you with a scripture. 3rd Nephi 9:22.
Until next time my friends.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 18 - Goodbye Week

My friends!! I am so sorry haha this weeks email may be the shortest email ever recorded in history!! and like no pics. I am terrible!! I just ran out of time because transfers are tomorrow and got a lot to do. So i will try to keep you updated as much as I can!

So ya I am leaving my first area :( It is definitely a bittersweet moment... This place is like home!! Leaving home was hard the first time, I can't do it again. haha But that is missionary work right? The lord has a plan and I am so glad I got to serve here in the Vinzons area. The people are awesome and they will always have a place in my heart. So this week has been hard and yet fun! Just been preparing the area for my companion cuz he is training this upcoming transfer and we gotta prepare the area for his new baby son!! The beauties of missionary work! this is truly the lord's work my friends I testify of that! I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else doing this work. I love you all and I am thankful for all the prayers and emails and support you all give me. I feel the love my peeps!! Take it easy homies. I leave you with a scripture. Mark 8:35. Until next time my friends. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 17 - Bagyo Week

My fellow awesome people. Just wanted to start off by saying all is well here! I am doing ok, and I just wanted to thank you all for checking up to see if I was ok. Truly means the world. Everything is good in the Naga mission, but a struggle in Tacloban. So just remember those people and let's wish them the best. So this week was not too exciting cept for this storm so I will just try to update you on what I know!

So ya a huge typhoon hit and that meant no going out to work! Which means being stuck in the apartment all day so ya that basically somes up this week haha. We have been working a ton with Less Actives here in the area and it is just been a huge challenge. But all is well! The slow and steady progression is what we are all about here! All we need is progress right? :) So ya that is basically this week! Hopefully this next week we can pick up some new investigators and continue to progress in this area. 

This morning we had a zone activity and that was a party! all about that beach life!! so ya that was a fun. So there is a pic from that. Another pic is from our are and it is kind of flooded so ya we just living here! Oh ya, The sisters had another baptism this week so they just do work here, no big deal. Got another pic of that here! They do wonders it is unreal. And the other pic I completely forgot haha so ya there it is folks! I leave you with a scripture. Mosiah 23:11. Until next time my friends


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 16 - Curfew Week

People of my email!! We meet again. I don't have a lot of time this week I am sorry! But nothing too exciting this week so all is well haha so bare with me if this week is a short one!

So curfew week. Since it was Halloween and All Saint's day here and elections haha we had to hit the apartments a little early. Let's just say the Filipinos know how to party on holidays! So ya that was not too fun. Took away from our work which is something we really need right now. We have been struggling finding new people to teach this week because of how far our area is from the church. It is hard because of how much the ride costs to get to the church. But what is life without struggles right? We picked up a sick family investigator who is really progressing. So that is a party of course. and We also received a referral from a member. Referrals are just every missionaries dream. So helpful! and Tatay is just a stud when it comes to understanding so this week was a great week with trying to build our teaching pool.

Let's see what else we got in the good ole Philippines. I really can't think right now haha the struggle! but I love this place. The members here are awesome and even though it is hard, I could not see myself anywhere else! now the pics most of them are of my comp and me hahaha we just party it up. He is crazy. He is 22 but acts like a 16 year old. Which is awesome but sometimes is a struggle. But we have a blast with each other. But ya that is really all I can remember with the pictures. But my peeps that is all I got this week. I wish you all the best and remember, you are never alone in life. "Heavenly Father loves you more than you could ever realize. He has given you all that you have and he just wants what is best for you. So make the most of all the time you have because one day it will end. mahal ko kayo. I leave you with a scripture. 1 Nephi 19:9. Until next time friends


Week 15 Mission Tour

My fellow friends of awesomeness. How is life? You know me, just living life here in the good ole mission of Naga! haha I am struggling with these weekly emails. So much happens and I just get too lazy to right. So bare with me peeps! I will do my best to tell you all. What a week. A great one! Let's hope for the best huh?

So this week was Mission Tour week. Elder Ardern who is a member of the Seventy that is assigned here for the Philippines. Had no clue that man was from New Zealand. But he was sick! Great experience. Learned a lot and realized still got work to do as a missionary. But realized how special it is to be on a mission. Just a great day really. It was awesome! I suck at explaining all of it just know that I had an awesome time :) A couple of pics here are from the mission tour. One of the fam bam of the mission. and the other with Elder Andersen. His dad and my dad served together. Just one big happy family here :)  

The biggest story of the week though probably is that we had baptisms on saturday!! Party party! haha One for us and 3 for the sister missionaries. Man the sisters do work. But our baptism was our golden investigator and it was so sick to finally have him baptism. Truly a blessing! Then the three for the sisters. 3!!!!! Geezo the sisters are like the top guns of missions. It is crazy. But it was awesome to just see so many people take the necessary steps in order to return back home. Even a bigger blessing to be trusted by the lord so much to be apart of it. So there are a couple of pics there.

Then today we decided to wake up early for pday and since we got a beach just chilling next to us we decided to jog to it and catch the sunrise. SO SICK. woke up so early but so worth it. Man truly the little things are the ones that matter in this life, don't forget that! There is a reason for everything and even when we don't know the reason just know that everything happens the way it is suppose to happen. Control the things you can control and the Lord will take care of the rest. mahal ko kayo mga kapatid. Miss you all everyday and can't wait till we are all back together in the presence of our father. Until then, I leave you all with a scripture Enos 1:27. Until next time mga kapatid


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 14 - Party Week

My friends! Another week here and gone. Man time is flying by! As usual this week was a week full of challenges but still a good week. life is just what you make of it right? Helps when you have a lot of time to think and reflect what life is all about. Another week of reflecting and working of course! That is all you need for a good life so enjoy the week of Elder Finneman :)

So this week was a party! haha Literally. Sister Redline, a sister serving in our branch, had her birthday On Tuesday. and we decided to throw her a surprise party! Just call me the pro party planner. So she thought she was going to teach a lesson but it was just a lesson to a cake hahaha so sick, so much fun too! so ya that is the party part.

This week was filled with adventures too. We have been working really hard to bring this family back to church, the Jardin Family. They are all members but less active. So monday we had a FHE at there house but couldn't have a lot of people. The picture with me and the two girls is there house. It is on stilts on top of a river and everytime I go there I am scared that it will fall. They are such a great family though and the progession with them has been awesome. But the adventure part with them! So we went to teach them one day and it just got done raining. So when it rains is when the water rises and no more ground! so we went there and the water hadn't risen yet but I had a feeling it would. So we took off our shoes and I told my comp not to put his shoes on the ground but he said "The water won't rise, don't worry." hahaha big mistake! a little later we hear one of the girls asked where our shoes were and we told them they were outside. We went out and found out that his shoes were missing. Straight taken by the water! hahahaha so funny. I told him. So we went shoe searching. About 30 min after we finally found it. It about waist deep of water. The sucky part is I took no pics but still a party for sure. hahahaha gotta love it.

This week i also realized how awesome the little things are in life, and how much we take them for granted. I remember walking this week and I saw two kids just playing in a little tub with some water in it. But to them it was everything and they were just having the time of their lives. Just made me stop and think. That is how we should be as people. Everytime in the scriptures it says become a little child and I don't think I fully realized it until this week. Being a little child is not being childish but enjoying what you have and making the most of what you have. Being grateful for the little things in life because to the Lord those are the biggest blessings. 

That is all I got folks. Life is good in the neighborhood and as usual a party! I hope all of you are doing awesome and I just want to thank you all for all that you do for me. Keep partying my friends.I leave you with a scripture. Helaman 7:29. Until next time my friends. 


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 13 - Transfer Week

Well my friends, I got a new comp! Elder Tulipaz from Bacolod! He is in my batch which means that he hit the field the same time as me so we are both new! And I get the pleasure of being senior. Which is not a big deal but I have to lead the area and that is about as easy as walking on hot coals haha but ya new comp same area! 

This week was really busy with transfer day and Gen Conf so not a ton of work this week. So that kind of sucked. But life is still good! Oh ya we also had a bagyo hit here so we couldn't go out for a couple days. More thinking haha which helped me out of course! But it just got boring sitting at home all the time and I just wanted to get out and do something. 

Then we had Gen Conf and that just hit the spot! Hit me right in the feels. The talks were just what I needed and I know that is what everyone says so it just amazes me how one talk means something else to so many people. Just a personal testament that those big guns are called of God. No other explanation really. So ya Conf was a blast and just what a missionary needs when the times get tough. 

Lessons this week were decent. The members were really attached to Elder Manaios so it is a little tough with the members because all they say is that they miss them, sometimes even our inv say that haha but all is well. Our golden inv is just prime! he was supposed to have his baptism this week but because there was Gen Conf we had to push it back two weeks because we got Stake Conf next week. What are the odds! But he was way disappointed and he is just ready to do what he needs to do to return to Heavenly Father. But the best lesson goes to the Jardin Fam. They are less active and life is really a struggle for them. Walking into their house everytime is maybe the most humbling thing for me. But I don't really remember what we taught to them I just remembered what I felt. Man did the spirit do work. It was crazy! Unexplainable really and just an answer to so many prayers. Never doubt the power of the Holy Ghost. That man does work and without him it is impossible! 

That is the week folks! really just busy and a lot of thinking again! but I am pumped for this transfer and just ready to do some work with my new comp and of course the big man the Holy Ghost. Life is good my people and I just want to thank you all for the prayers and the constant support. Wouldn't be here without you. The pics are me and my new comp and the farewell party for my old comp. Mahal ko kayo. I leave you with a scripture my friends. 3 Nephi 5:13. Until Next Time my friends.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 12 - I Made it!

Well my friends, I made it. I made it past training! hahaha I am so pumped
right now!! This week was another evaluation week which was just what I
needed for the upcoming transfer. My comp is being transferred and I get to
stay in my first area for another transfer. I am so pumped to do some work
and the progression here is unreal. Not a lot happened this week but I will
keep you all updated. So enjoy my homies!

So this week was just another normal week! Nothing really special that
stood out. We knew that my comp would be transferred so it was kind of a
goodbye week. haha he has been in this area for 7 and a half months so his
relationships with the members so it was just visits galore. But we
finally, finally had our first lunch or dinner appoitnment! Bout time! It
just happened and it was just a little but I am still counting it! the
advantages of being in an area for so long :) So ya that was probably the
most exciting thing that happened this week. But it was still a good week!

That is really all I can think of for this email haha I am sorry folks. But
life is a party! New comp tomorrow and the rest of the mission continues. I
really needed these two weeks to just think back and remember what I am
really out here for. Now it is time to put it to work. Love you my friends
and thank you for all that you do. Keep partying and remember life is a
struggle but that is what makes it fun. I leave you with a scripture. 2
Corinthians 12:9-10. Until next time peeps.

Week 11 - Evaluation Week

My Friends, I am running out of time so this week will be short. So
hopefully I can tell you all. Love you guys and I just want to say thank
you for all the support, emails, just everything really. You guys are the
reason I am the person I am today and I owe you all my life.

So this week was a lot of thinking. My comp got sick and we couldn't go out
for two which sucked but now I realized it was just what I needed. I needed
to reevaluate myself. The past two weeks have been a straight struggle for
me. I really haven't felt like I having been doing well and my mindset was
not in the right place. There was contention in the companionship and no
work whatsoever. We struggled teaching and just finding investigators. The
hardest time really. So I really needed this week even though I did not
realize it at first. I realized that this time is something that shouldn't
be taken for granted. I am only a missionary for a short time and I have a
ton of time to be a normal person worrying about normal things. I was too
worried about if I was doing things right and expecting things to be better
than they were. But life is not supposed to be like that. We are not
perfect. Things will not go the way we expect. So what is the point of
being sad and complaining? Hit me right in the feels really. This week was
truly something I needed and hopefully I can be the person Heavenly Father
needs me to be. Even though I can't see it, he can and that is all that

I love you my friends and could not be more thankful for all that you do
for me. I am nothing without you all and of course without my Heavenly
Father. Remember he is always there for you and loves you. Life is a
struggle but it is possible with him by our side. I wish you a great week
peeps and if not just know that Heavenly Father believes in you so why
can't you believe in yourself? I leave you with a scripture. D&C 84:88.
Until next time.