Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 19 - Daddy Week

Well folks, I have a kid!! haha that is what they call it when you train a
newbie on the mission. So ya I am a daddy now. My kid's name is E.
Buenafe!! he is 24 and I am 19. Doesn't make any sense so just go with it.
But he is from Ililo- Ililo! He is a stud and a master chef so I may pack
on the weight I just lost in my first area. The struggle!! But ya that is
my kid! Such a proud daddy :)

So I am now in San Roque! Which is in Laganony, which is in Camarines Sur
and all they speak here in bicol. So that is fun! No more tagalog haha so
it is just a party for both of us. But the area is awesome! We got here
Wednesday night and spent the rest of the week trying to get to know the
members in the area and see what really is our area. So it has been kind of
adventure time searching for people but it leads to great opportunities and
I am pumped to see how it all goes! Since I am training we will both be
companions for 3 months which will be a blast. He truly is a stud.

My kid is growing up too! Yesterday we were teaching and my little boy
invited the investigator to be baptized and they said yes!! hahaha what a
stud my kid is. what happened to me?! But I was so happy for my little guy.
They grow up so fast. So i am really a proud dad right now :)

That is all I can think about! Leaving the first area was one of the
hardest things ever but I know the lord has a plan for me here. The lord
has a plan for everyone. Just trust in it and do you part. If you do your
part, the lord will take care of the rest. I love you all and thank you for
the support, the emails, everything you all do for me. Can't wait to see
you all again. Until then I leave you with a scripture. 3rd Nephi 9:22.
Until next time my friends.

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