Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 21 - Patience Week

Well folks, it has been an interesting week! haha the title says it all.
Patience week. I have learned that I have a ton of weaknesses this week, of
course everyone does! I also learned that  But it has been a way humbling
week that is for sure. The lord is in charge people, don't let anyone else
tell you different! And only through him can you get things done. Well,
let's update you on the week!

So first off, we had interviews this week, which meant weigh ins hahaha
which is a big deal for me! found out I lost another 11 pounds...
Cahooo!!!!!!! hahaha I haven't been this skinny since Nam, seriously it is
crazy! I was so pumped when i found out how much I weighed. Hopefully we
can finally say goodbye to chubby me :) we all know that is a joke... But I
am just gonna soak it in while i can! I just had to include that, ok now to
the important things i guess.

So teaching wise was tough but fun as well! With this open area we are left
with finding in-actives and just tracting, trying to talk to as much people
as possible. The hard part is when it rains everyone is inside and when we
go to there house all we hear is that no one is there haha even if they are
the ones saying it! So that is always fun :) So our action plan was when
you can't teach the adults, teach the kids! So we did just that. haha I got
some pics of them. It was crazy! The best part is they love it haha
everytime we pass by they always ask when we will teach again to them and
they always have there pamphlets in their hands! Hopefully we can just
start teaching their parents too. A little hard without them. But all is
well! Just gotta plants those little seeds in those little ones!

So that has basically been this week! I have never seen so much rain, I
have never been this drenched because of the rain, I have never walked so
much in my entire life, I have never been so tired from walking, I have
never been rejected by so many people, not even by girls! which I thought
was impossible haha but there have been a lot of I have nevers. The biggest
one though is I don't think I have ever been this happy. I have never felt
so sure that this is where I am supposed to be. And I have never felt so
sure about things until now. I know for a fact Heavenly Father loves us. He
is our dad, he wants only the best for us. That is the reason we have the
hard times. To learn and to grow closer to him. Don't forget that my
friends. Always remember you are never alone and you don't have to do
anything by yourself. He is on your side waiting for you to return to him.
I love you guys and seriously am so thankful for all that you do for me.
Keep it up my home skillets! I leave you with a scripture. Mosiah 2:22.
Until next time my friends.

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