Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 20 - Walking Week

Well folks! Another week down. Time just seems to be flying by! It's mindblowing haha I feel like I just started my mission and now I am 6 months in. Even though this may be one of the hardest things ever, it may also be the biggest blessing in my life too. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else than on the mission. So there is the little motivation side of me! K, let's get you updated on the week!

So this week I think we set a record for miles walked. Seriously, I thought we walked a lot in my first area, I was so wrong. Being in a new area and not knowing where anything is means you tend to get lost and just walk and hope for the best! So that is what we did! We have just been trying to find all the less actives here and that can be a challenge! but Luckily we just have some fun and talk to everyone as much as we possible can.

So ya with all the walking we did this week, rain was added! and just my luck my umbrella broke haha so I rocked that no umbrella life for two days in the rain. I was drenched! but it was a party! The second night E. Buenafe decided to join the crew and we both just worked with no umbrellas. haha it was bad! we both just looked like we just had a hay day at sea world with Shamu. But we had a blast. Whenever we found a puddle we just acted like 3 year olds and just had some fun! seriously I got blessed with the most legit son! The life of a dad :)

So that has been the week! it has been a tough one lesson wise. The reason we have walked so much is because we have been punted so much! LIke its unbelievable how many times we have been. But the lord has a reason! I know something has to be learned here so we are just trying to stay postive and make the most of the situation we have in front of us. that is all we can do :) Just make the struggle a party! 

So that is the week folks! Just enjoying the time and making the most of it. Heck you are only serving in the Philippines once so make the most of it right? I love it here. it is crazy to think that 6 months have already passed by but I am glad that I have been here for those 6 months. I miss you all and I hope life is still life for you. Just know there is a reason the things are happening. Keep pushing forward and make the most of everything you got. One day it will all be well. Until then, I leave you with a scripture. 2 Nephi 33:6. Until next time my friends. 


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