Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 54 - Short Week

So I feel like I just emailed you all, because i did... So this may be short... Nothing too much has happened since last email. Transfer announcements! I'm staying for another 6 weeks. Only companionship in the district not having a transfer haha so that makes things fun. When we got the announcements I kind of felt I was staying and it happened. To be honest, I have been struggling in this area haha and I was trying to go the easy way out... Not my proudest moment, and I know I shouldn't have felt that way. It was a battle that I was having within myself and it was eating me alive the whole time.. So me staying has been kind of an answer in disguise. Right when I found out I was staying, i felt the fear sink in but I also felt the comfort. That night, I was reading the story of Nephi when he gets commanded to build the ship (1 Nephi 17) and I just love how Nephi always follows the lord. No matter what he asks, Nephi never complains and just puts his head down and gets it done. It was just a huge comfort and a big answer to a lot of prayers.

I am still learning, still far from perfect. But everday I feel the Lord's hand in my life. More than I may deserve... And I know for a fact that he loves us. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love us. They want us to have the life that they have. But it comes with a price. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we wouldn't have too. Each day I try my best to not take for granted for what he did for me. Some days are better than others but I know he will always be there. I know he is always there for us..

I love you all! Seriously, the influence you all have on me has been unreal. I know I wouldn't be the man I need to be without you. So thank you. Thank you for everything you do. Keep fighting. Keep laughing and let the good times roll. I leave you with a scripture. D&C 88:125-126. Until next time my friends...

Sorry no pics again! i forgot my card reader... I'll make up for it next week!

Week 53- Glenda Week

What a week!! Holy moly haha i feel like I have a ton to update and a little time to do it! but I will try my best.

So we got hit by a typhoon.... Glenda is the name. It hit on Tuesday night. We got word on Monday night and we had to be moved to the church on Tues. So tuesday morning we went to the church and the weather was actually really really good. We were just joking around and thinking we would be fine. So we brought some food and few things thinking we would be back home by the afternoon.  and went to the church! So from 8 in the morn till bout 5 all seemed well. By this time is slowly sunk in that we would be sleeping at the church and it was too late to go to the house to grab things we actually needed to sleep at the church. haha this led to the worst sleep ever. but the storm hit around 6. and it lasted until bout midnight. It was crazy! the church was shaking at one point haha but we made it!

it was all well.. Then the next morning we went out and checked out the damage. Man it was bad.... Trees everywhere and power lines down. So we have been without power for about a week. But still doing ok! We have been curfewed too since there is no power so one night we had a campfire and roasted hot dogs haha things to do when you are bored!

This week has been one of the most humbling weeks ever. We have just been out helping people with their houses and things.. Haven't had a ton of work, just been
trying to help people with all the trees that have fallen and parts of their houses destroyed. Some people have even lost there house. So it has been crazy. But one of the best things to see how quick the people have worked things out. The next morning people were already outside hacking away at trees and trying to clean everything up. So it has been a blessing in disguise!

In the process of cleaning and all that jazz i lost our cellphone! That sucked... I feel like a pro tree chopper and nights have gotten boring with the curfew. But all is well! i feel so blessed to be here and to help the people out. To see how people have been has just hit home to me. Helped me realize the most important things in life. Family and this gospel.. That is what life is about. So tell your fam members you love them. and don't forget we are just one big happy family. I know Heavenly Father loves us. I know he cares and I know he is waiting for us. Don't give up my friends. Even when you feel like there is no light. Sometimes you need to walk in darkness. Trust him. I love you all! i leave you with a scripture 3 Nephi 9:14. Until next time family

Sorry no pics! this comp shop is struggling.. Next week!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 52 - Battle Week

Another Week! They just blur by and everyday I get to this point i really dont know what to write about. haha I need to do a better job on collecting my thoughts so I can update you all a little better. We will see what happens!

Work is a struggle right now... We are still suck on the finding part.... And we are seeing not the greatest success.. But all is well! things are still good. haha we have some good first lessons and then we come back to follow up with people and we always just hear " We are really busy right now, don't worry we will have many chances to visit so they just wait it out and see what happens..." The worst!! But we will just keep finding and searching. Someone is bound not to be busy and want to listen to us.

The big help with all of this is that I feel like I am on top of the world. this is the point of the mission where they say nothing can really go wrong and that is how i feel. Like even when i should feel terrible, I just see this cool ole name tag on my shirt and it just makes me feel like i am unbeatable!! haha I am losing it or something. But really I am loving life. Even though it is hard, I would never ever trade this time for anything else.

The gospel is true people! I know it is. This is the same church that Jesus Christ established when he was on earth. This is his doctrine and this is his way. So when all is said and done, no matter what happens in life,  don't forget that the church is still true. I love you all! Seriously you guys are everything. I feel your love everyday and I could not be more thankful. I leave you with a scripture. 1 Timothy 1:12. until next time my friends.

Week 51 - Example Week

What a week! Nothing too big really happened, just a lot hit me this week and made me realize a lot.. So this may be like a lesson letter... I'm sorry!! just bear with me..

This week I learned how much our example has an influence on people.. More than we ever think! I guess it doesn't help that I grew up in Utah with people of the same beliefs around me but when i went to college and more here I have seen the influence of our example being followers of Jesus Christ. We have met a couple of people this week and we were just getting to know them and right when we said who were were it led to them saying "Oh, so and so is a member of your church, I don't think I could join a church with people like that." That was killer. To know that people don't listen because they see how members act and they don't see a difference or they see that they are setting the right example. It kinda hurt cuz I know I wasn't the best example growing up and I don't know how many people were effected by it badly... Makes me want to be better everday. You never know who is watching... But I have realized that your example is the best thing you can share with people. We have a light that cannot be hid. So don't be afraid to show it...

We picked up a golden family this week! super pumped to see how things go! it was even a referral! Member and missionary work at its finest. Other than that work is still tough but we are living! Everyday I am thankful for the things I have been learning. 

That basically sums up the week. on 4th of july I spent a lot of money on a burger... Dont know if it was work it! haha but all is well. I am loving life here. Learning to trust him more. Sometimes it is easy to take the credit for everything as a missionary. But I have learned that we don't really do that much. The lord is in control of his work. We have been really lucky to be entrusted with his children to bring them back to him. I have felt his hand in this work and I know for a fact we are his children. I know he loves us and he is doing everything he can to make sure we can live with him again. That is this gospel. That is the way. Easier said than done, but it is all possible through Jesus Christ. He is there for you, he is just waiting for you to go to him. So don't waste the chance. I love you all. miss you everyday! keep rocking it my friends.. I leave you with a scripture... 2 Timothy 2:3. Until next time family. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 50 - Tender Mercy Week

My people. Hi haha what is up. Another week! They just fly by... and with each week my desire to write you all slowly goes down.. I'm sorry! I will try my best.

So this week was a blessing in disguise. Work is still tough. We aren't teaching enough and everything just seems to be going wrong.... But what is funny is that I am happy. The rough times have made me realize how truly special life is. And it all just depends on how you take things. I feel like missionary work has a ton more downs then ups. Things you shouldn't be happy with. But then the good things happen and they just make up for all the bad times. That is what life is. Making the most of what you have and just enjoying every step of the way. 

My comp is a stud having a poly comp just makes life ten times better. We enjoy it! We laugh, we enjoy and we live life. It has been a blessing to be his comp. The week has been a blur! haha lots of walking and little teaching but enjoy the whole ride. I wish i could explain this better haha but i cant... All I know is life is good.

Sunday was our best day. We had 4 investigators come to church! the problem is they are sort of eternal investigators but it's ok! 4 souls who haven't been to church came! I'll take it. Also on sunday I had the chance to interview the zone leaders investigator. Man doing interviews is one of the most coolest things ever. The spirit is so strong and just to see how someone has changed their life so much, that is no better feeling! Their investigator was straight golden and it will be a special blessing to see him baptized this next week.

Oh ya this past week we had interviews with President! that was fun haha interviews are awesome. We just talk and have a good time. I suck at explaining things i realize haha but it was good. We have been fed a lot this week. That is the life. which is good cuz we ran out of money hahaha somehow the members felt it and fed us! So many blessings for one man.

Ya that is the week my friends. I'm learning. I'm loving it. The mission is fun! just enjoying the time that is given. That is the key to life.  Enjoy it! my dad basically summed it up best. "Have fun and make a difference." that is what life is about. Let us all have fun and make a difference... I love you all. I leave you with a scripture. Helaman 5:35. Until next time folks..