Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 50 - Tender Mercy Week

My people. Hi haha what is up. Another week! They just fly by... and with each week my desire to write you all slowly goes down.. I'm sorry! I will try my best.

So this week was a blessing in disguise. Work is still tough. We aren't teaching enough and everything just seems to be going wrong.... But what is funny is that I am happy. The rough times have made me realize how truly special life is. And it all just depends on how you take things. I feel like missionary work has a ton more downs then ups. Things you shouldn't be happy with. But then the good things happen and they just make up for all the bad times. That is what life is. Making the most of what you have and just enjoying every step of the way. 

My comp is a stud having a poly comp just makes life ten times better. We enjoy it! We laugh, we enjoy and we live life. It has been a blessing to be his comp. The week has been a blur! haha lots of walking and little teaching but enjoy the whole ride. I wish i could explain this better haha but i cant... All I know is life is good.

Sunday was our best day. We had 4 investigators come to church! the problem is they are sort of eternal investigators but it's ok! 4 souls who haven't been to church came! I'll take it. Also on sunday I had the chance to interview the zone leaders investigator. Man doing interviews is one of the most coolest things ever. The spirit is so strong and just to see how someone has changed their life so much, that is no better feeling! Their investigator was straight golden and it will be a special blessing to see him baptized this next week.

Oh ya this past week we had interviews with President! that was fun haha interviews are awesome. We just talk and have a good time. I suck at explaining things i realize haha but it was good. We have been fed a lot this week. That is the life. which is good cuz we ran out of money hahaha somehow the members felt it and fed us! So many blessings for one man.

Ya that is the week my friends. I'm learning. I'm loving it. The mission is fun! just enjoying the time that is given. That is the key to life.  Enjoy it! my dad basically summed it up best. "Have fun and make a difference." that is what life is about. Let us all have fun and make a difference... I love you all. I leave you with a scripture. Helaman 5:35. Until next time folks..

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