Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 95- One Week

The most important of the Lord's work you will ever do will be withing the walls of your own home." -Harold B. Lee

It's mother day!! Life is good. The time is flying by. I am so grateful for my mission. The things i have learned here have changed me. I still feel like i just got here. But i am so happy that i am not the same guy i was when i did. I have learned truly what is important in life. I have learned how awesome this gospel is. And how it is the only way to live to be truly happy. 

This week was good! just another blur. Enjoying the time right now and I'm just gonna keep doing that. I love you all. I leave you with a scripture. Enos 1:26. Until next time family and friends. 


Week 94 - Unsettled Week

"The solutions to life's problems are always gospel solutions." -Jeffrey R. Holland

This week was all over the place haha but still an enjoyable one! No time to right and to be honest im lazy too. We will just tell stories when i get home. I love you all! I leave you with a scripture. John 4:34. Until next time my friends.

Week 93 - Corn Week

"If we will only have enough courage and faith to walk in his path, it will lead us to peace of heart and mind, to lasting meaning in life, to happiness in this world, and to joy in the world to come." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

We harvested corn this week! that was super fun. The work is doing great! Things are looking up. We got some potentials for baptism church is the only thing stopping them right now... The struggle but it is all good! I am loving the people here. Just everything right now is clicking. 

I love the mission. I really do. I love this time that i have to help others. To get to know their problems and know that the gospel is the solution to it all. I love you all. I leave you with a scripture. Philippians 1:20-21. Until next time my friends


Week 92

You're best chance to be happy is to do what happy people do, live the way happy people live and walk the path that happy people walk." -Jeffrey R. Holland

Life is good! Nothing too new. Still trying to get used to the new area. You know how it is. I love missionary life! haha it's the best. Every night I just come home and realize how good i really have it. 

Life is good. Time is running out. I am freaking out. haha Usually how life goes. But all is well. I leave you all with a scripture. D&C 128:22. Until next time my friends. 

Week 91 - Jumbled Week

The living prophet is more important to us than a dead prophet... God's revelation to Adam did not instruct Noah to build the Ark. Noah needed his own revelation. Therefore the most important prophet, so far as you and I are concerned, is the one living in our day and age to whom the Lord is currently revealing his will for us." -Erza Taft Benson

Conference was awesome! The church is true. I got to see members from my first area! That was a blessing. Life is good.

The mission is the best blessing in my life! I am grateful for this time. I know this Church is true. Boom. 

That's all i got. I leave you all with a scripture. 1 Colossians 1:25. until next time friends.


Week 90 - Because He Lives

"On Calvary He was the dying Jesus. From the tomb He emerged the Living Christ. The cross had been the bitter fruit of Judas's betrayal, the summary of Peter's denial. The empty tomb now became the testimony of His divinity, the assurance of eternal life... Having died, he might have been forgotten, or at best, remembered as one of the many great teachers whose lives are epitomized in a few lines in the books of history. Now having been resurrected, He became the Master of Life." -Gordon B. Hinkley  

This week flew by! Man o man, it was a great week. Work was killer this week! We had a lot of fun. It was Easter week! and the Filipinos know how to celebrate. They go all out here for Easter... Kinda crazy so we got curfewed from Thursday till Sunday. That kind of sucked.. But even with the curfew work was awesome!

This whole week we just went around showing people The #BecauseHeLives and it did wonders. The Church just gets it. It was so awesome to share to the world of Christ's Resurrection. Here in the Philippines everyone goes all out on his death so we just focused on the point that He lives today and that because He lives what can happen in our life. It was cool to see everyone's reaction too with the video. Everyone just softened up after watching it and it was just priceless. The church is true!

I love the mission. I wouldnt trade this time for anything. Everything about it! its just the best. Each day I wake up happy and throughout the day the happiest continues. Its unbelievable. I got no complaints. Just letting it all soak it.

I know Christ lives. I know that this is his church. I know he is there for all of us. I love you all! Hope life is dandy on the other side. I leave you all with a scripture D&C 76:22-23. Until next time folks. 


Week 89 - Bridge Week

"Even more powerful than using the words in our teaching of the doctrine will be our examples of living the doctrine." -Henry B. Eyring

Well, another week is down. This one went by quick. I broke a bridge... That always makes you feel good. I got fruity pebbles from my parents. I was having withdrawals. and the gospel is still true! That sounds like a good week.

The mission life is going good. Everyday is a great experience. Even thought its tough, it's memorable.  Wouldn't trade it for the world. 

#BecauseHeLives if you haven't heard of it, i invite you to look it up! It will blow your mind. I am thankful for a loving Savior. I am thankful for his Atonement. I am thankful for his gospel and I am thankful for all of you. 

Life is good in the islands. I leave you all with a scripture. Matthew 19:29. Until next time my friends. 

Week 88 - Elder Week

"We shouldn't wait to be happy until we reach some future point, only to discover that happiness was already available -- All the time. Life is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Well I wish i was better at updating you all but i am just always too lazy to write. Life is good! the mission is awesome. I am loving every second of it. Its going by too quick. but still plenty of time! ill take it.

We met someone this week who named their kid Elder... haha so cool! She couldnt be baptized so she just decided to name her kid Elder. So we will see if now is the time for them to be baptized. Elder is 10 years old. 8 more years till he truly lives up to the name. 

Life is good. I leave you with a scripture. 2 Nephi 10:24. Until next time my friends. 


Week 87 - Eventful Week

"Nothing will bring greater joy and success than to live according to the teaching of the gospel. Be an example; be an influence for good." - N. Eldon Tanner

What up my people! A ton happened this week and me being me, I'm just too lazy to update it hahaha sorry. but I will try my best. I will just take it day by day for you all. 

Tues- My comp fell into a rice field hahahha classic. Just funny. I didnt get to take a pic when he was down tho.. i was laughing too hard. But dont worry! i helped him up and took a pic of that instead.. 

Wed- I got to go back to my first area! It was the coolest thing ever. So cool to go back. It felt like going home! Just way cool to see old members and stuff and to work in the area i used to work in. Just like a whole deja vu thing. But it was a huge blessing to see familiar faces. Just felt great. 

Thurs- We had zone conference. We got to watch Meet the Mormons. Finally haha it was way good. and then President gave a great talk on Justice and Mercy. I have loved learning from President. He is just a scriptural genius! it has helped me gain more of a love of studying the words of Christ. 

Sat- We had Buddy's baptism! hahaha it was so sweet! he was super excited and just way happy after. you could just feel it! and he just kept saying it. And he really wants to share the gospel. Right now we are trying to go teach the dean of his college and he has been sharing the gospel with all of his students and co-teachers. So hopefully in the coming week we can contact them. But his baptism was just the best. It was so cool to see the change in him and see how happy he was. He just had this huge smile on his face. Those are the moments that make it all worth it. I love the mission.

Life is good! its flying by... I love the mission. We are on the hunt to baptize another Buddy! things are looking up. Let the good times roll! i leave you all with a scripture. Romans 12:21. until next time my friends.   


Week 86- Interview Week

"Face your doubts. Master your fears. Cast not away therefore your confidence. Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold for you." -Jeffrey R. Holland
Sorry no time again! To be honest... I am just super lazy to write. haha sorry!
Buddy has his interview this week! he will be baptized this Saturday. So excited! He is the man. He is inviting all of his students to the baptism so it should be good! let the good times roll.
Had to do a lot of baptism interviews too this week. Those are always fun! it is cool to see the change people go through because of this gospel. It is amazing to see the change that has gone through me because of this gospel. Serving a mission has been the greatest decision. Each day is better than the one before. Kinda of surreal to be honest.
I love you all! time is straight flying... but there is still a lot of time left! Keep doing good. keep being you. Keep believing in Him. He is our source of hope. He is our source of strength. I leave you with a scripture. Hebrews 10:35-39. Until next time friends.

Week 85- Adjusting Week

"The Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish the impossible." Russell M. Nelson
Life is good! I got a new comp this transfer. E. Santos! he is from Tarlac, Philippines. he is a cool guy. We are slowly getting to know each other. Some big changes happened this past transfer so still adjusting to the change but its fun!
Work is doing well. Buddy the 70 year old professor is just progressing like none other. He will have his baptismal interview this week and then hopefully next week he will step into the waters and become a new man. So cool to see how much this gospel does for people. It has been awesome to see it in Buddy. He always just says that he feels so young because of this gospel. Nothing better!
Time is straight flying... Its March! kinda crazy.. sorry got no pics! in a different computer shop and dont trust it... There is always next week! Love you all. thanks for everything. I leave you with a scripture Moroni 7:31. Until next time folks.

Week 84 - Happiness Week

"Happiness must be earned day to day, but it is worth the effort" -Ezra Taft Benson
Just wanted to start out with a quote! realized how true it was this week. Well my whole mission. That is true happiness! And I am glad to have finally found it.
The mission is awesome. I wish I didn't suck so much with these updates week to week haha i just struggle writing. This week was good. just super busy! which makes it fun. had some baptismal interviews to do. Had exchanges too so work in the area was limited. Then on Wednesday came down with some sickness and still battling it so it has been a week full of adventure and just trying to keep the energy up so we didn't lose any work. Mission accomplished! The enabling power of the atonement is real.
My comp is transferring tomorrow. That was a quick 6 weeks... Time is flying by. its scary! I am loving life right now :) haha its fun. These people are awesome. I have been blessed with some great souls in my life. Work is doing good. just finding and teaching and hoping it just leads to baptism. I just love to see how much this gospel helps people. How much hope and peace it can give a person. There is nothing better for us other than this gospel.
Each day we are giving a choice. A choice to do what we please. And each day we will receive things because of those choices. So today choose to serve someone. Choose to smile. Choose to laugh. And see where it takes you. Happiness is just around the corner :) love you all! I leave you with a scripture 1 Cor 1:27. Until next time my family.

Week 83 -Professor Week

Week was up and down! but still a good week. Every week is a good week as a missionary. So its good. Work is coming. Time is flying. The ward is awesome. Got no complaints.
We went to the beach this morning! been a while. It has been raining a ton this past week. I dont wanna buy a umbrella which led to be being drenched everyday. You would think people would feel for you but they just smiled and let me know that is was raining hahaha classic.
So our 70 year old professor is progressing amazingly! It is kind of crazy how prepared he is. He teaches at a college here and this past week he invited all of his students to his baptism in March. And now he wants us to teach at his school. have a little workshop for the teachers and students. He is just super prepared. Huge blessing. Feels good to see someone just get how important this gospel is :) he said on Sunday "Even though im 70 years old, i now feel young because of this gospel." Nothing better.
Life is good! just chuggin along. The mission has been the biggest blessing of my life. I have learned that everything just works out. Even though we don't get things, everything just all works out. So just trust. Do what you can do and trust. Love you guys. thanks for everything. I leave you with a scripture D&C 136:32-33. Until next time friends.