Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 83 -Professor Week

Week was up and down! but still a good week. Every week is a good week as a missionary. So its good. Work is coming. Time is flying. The ward is awesome. Got no complaints.
We went to the beach this morning! been a while. It has been raining a ton this past week. I dont wanna buy a umbrella which led to be being drenched everyday. You would think people would feel for you but they just smiled and let me know that is was raining hahaha classic.
So our 70 year old professor is progressing amazingly! It is kind of crazy how prepared he is. He teaches at a college here and this past week he invited all of his students to his baptism in March. And now he wants us to teach at his school. have a little workshop for the teachers and students. He is just super prepared. Huge blessing. Feels good to see someone just get how important this gospel is :) he said on Sunday "Even though im 70 years old, i now feel young because of this gospel." Nothing better.
Life is good! just chuggin along. The mission has been the biggest blessing of my life. I have learned that everything just works out. Even though we don't get things, everything just all works out. So just trust. Do what you can do and trust. Love you guys. thanks for everything. I leave you with a scripture D&C 136:32-33. Until next time friends.

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