Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 90 - Because He Lives

"On Calvary He was the dying Jesus. From the tomb He emerged the Living Christ. The cross had been the bitter fruit of Judas's betrayal, the summary of Peter's denial. The empty tomb now became the testimony of His divinity, the assurance of eternal life... Having died, he might have been forgotten, or at best, remembered as one of the many great teachers whose lives are epitomized in a few lines in the books of history. Now having been resurrected, He became the Master of Life." -Gordon B. Hinkley  

This week flew by! Man o man, it was a great week. Work was killer this week! We had a lot of fun. It was Easter week! and the Filipinos know how to celebrate. They go all out here for Easter... Kinda crazy so we got curfewed from Thursday till Sunday. That kind of sucked.. But even with the curfew work was awesome!

This whole week we just went around showing people The #BecauseHeLives and it did wonders. The Church just gets it. It was so awesome to share to the world of Christ's Resurrection. Here in the Philippines everyone goes all out on his death so we just focused on the point that He lives today and that because He lives what can happen in our life. It was cool to see everyone's reaction too with the video. Everyone just softened up after watching it and it was just priceless. The church is true!

I love the mission. I wouldnt trade this time for anything. Everything about it! its just the best. Each day I wake up happy and throughout the day the happiest continues. Its unbelievable. I got no complaints. Just letting it all soak it.

I know Christ lives. I know that this is his church. I know he is there for all of us. I love you all! Hope life is dandy on the other side. I leave you all with a scripture D&C 76:22-23. Until next time folks. 


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