Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 87 - Eventful Week

"Nothing will bring greater joy and success than to live according to the teaching of the gospel. Be an example; be an influence for good." - N. Eldon Tanner

What up my people! A ton happened this week and me being me, I'm just too lazy to update it hahaha sorry. but I will try my best. I will just take it day by day for you all. 

Tues- My comp fell into a rice field hahahha classic. Just funny. I didnt get to take a pic when he was down tho.. i was laughing too hard. But dont worry! i helped him up and took a pic of that instead.. 

Wed- I got to go back to my first area! It was the coolest thing ever. So cool to go back. It felt like going home! Just way cool to see old members and stuff and to work in the area i used to work in. Just like a whole deja vu thing. But it was a huge blessing to see familiar faces. Just felt great. 

Thurs- We had zone conference. We got to watch Meet the Mormons. Finally haha it was way good. and then President gave a great talk on Justice and Mercy. I have loved learning from President. He is just a scriptural genius! it has helped me gain more of a love of studying the words of Christ. 

Sat- We had Buddy's baptism! hahaha it was so sweet! he was super excited and just way happy after. you could just feel it! and he just kept saying it. And he really wants to share the gospel. Right now we are trying to go teach the dean of his college and he has been sharing the gospel with all of his students and co-teachers. So hopefully in the coming week we can contact them. But his baptism was just the best. It was so cool to see the change in him and see how happy he was. He just had this huge smile on his face. Those are the moments that make it all worth it. I love the mission.

Life is good! its flying by... I love the mission. We are on the hunt to baptize another Buddy! things are looking up. Let the good times roll! i leave you all with a scripture. Romans 12:21. until next time my friends.   


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