Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week 32 - Growing Up Week

Well here we are! How is everyone doing? I'm just living here! haha busy busy week so hopefuilly I can just let you all know what happened. But might as well get started! I am starting to run out of ideas on how to start these emails hahahaha

So this past week was my kid's B-day! I didn't think I would be here to see it cuz we were finished training and I thought we would be transferred but we weren't so I got to see my kid's B-day! hahaha such a proud daddy. The dude is now 25.... I am still 19 hahaha so that is fun. and we have been companions now for 14 weeks. So we just are hanging in there... But ya it was his birthday so we celebrated! Bought him a cake and just let him go to town. It was fun and we had some laughs. The same day we had interviews with our lovely mission president and that went awesome! He is a good guy and definitely was what I needed. So that day was a great one for sure. 

Investigator Wise it has been good! My kid starting working on Thursday since his foot was still hurting so that was good to finally have a day of work. We had our golden Investigator finally come to church for the 4th time so now she can get baptized!! haha so pumped for that! So now we are about to become wedding planners for her wedding and her baptism. Double Whammy! But really pumped for that. She is awesome and it has been so cool to see her grow in the gospel. Not a better for a missionary than to see a person realize how important this gospel is. That is what life is all about. We also had those girls that asked to be baptized come to church! They are pumped about being baptized, it is awesome! Part of me thinks it isn't for the right reasons though so we just want to take it slow with them and make sure they have a testimony of the gospel before they join. There is nothing worse than people who join not for the gospel! They always just go less active and it just causes problems. So we are hoping for the best with them. But they are starting to read the BoM and that is all they need! So a ton of blessings for sure :)

Got some pics here for ya! saw a monkey! he was a chill dude. That is me going to town of some wood. Just trying to have some fun haha and the others are my kid's b day and the sunrise this morning! 

What else happened? That is all I can think of haha it has just been a normal week! Just working for the Lord. Sometimes I forget that this isn't normal life. But I love it. They may be the hardest times ever but no doubt they have made me such a better person. The lord will always give us what we need sometimes not what we want.

So ya peeps, that is life here in the good ole Philippines. The struggle is still real but its a great journey. That was a sick quote I found this week! "Life is not a race, it's a journey." So flippin true! Sometimes we forget that it doesn't matter how fast it goes or how slow it goes or how long we live. What truly matters is what we do with the time we have been blessed with. Whether you are struggling or you are loving life remember, Heavenly Father loves you and wants what is best for you. That is the reason the things are happening. So try to find out what you can learn from it and have it help you become the person he needs you to be. I love you all and could not be more thankful for all that you do. Keep dominating wherever you are. like the good old wise paps of mine used to say, "Whatever you are doing, give it all you have for that. Have a good week my friends. I leave you with a scripture 2 Nephi 22:2. Until next time my people. 


Week 30 - Trial Week

Well peeps we are here, and we are living! how is everyone doing? So I totally forgot it was Valentines day this week hahaha I always forget the dates and just time! Seriously being a missionary you just forget everything.. Like right now, I forgot what a city was! But we are in Naga and I am freaking out.... hahah I have been in the middle of nowhere for way too long. It has changed me! But life is good :) It has been on interesting week and I am pumped to update you all! So let's just hit the road eh?

Here is prolly the biggest news. So it is transfer week... Found out me and my kid are going three transfers! 18 weeks with one companion hahaha that is so long... I was way shocked but hey the lord knows right? There is always a reason! So ya that will be fun. 18 weeks hahaha but ya! Our companionship has been a roller coaster I swear. He is 24 and I am 19 so we have our differences. This week was just a huge trial week with him and thinking we would get transfered and then finding out that there was none makes things interesting! But I am excited. Last night we had a talk and it went really well! So we will see how it goes.

But ya this week was definitely a trial week! We didn't get that many lessons... Found out my kid has an ingrown haha and it is bad! So we had to take a few days to rest cuz he just couldn't walk anymore. So that is why we are in Naga right now. Then we gotta come back Wednesday so he can get his whole nail off hahah my kid's first surgery. I will have a tons of pics! he is pulling a Ri guy hahaha the struggle is real. So ya that basically explains our teaching week!

So ya that is basically life here haha nothing really new. It definitely has been a tough week but a week where I have learned a lot. Last night, I finally felt like all my prayers have been answered. I know Heavenly Father loves us. An I know he is there. He truly does answer prayers. So when it doubt. pray it out. and when it doesn't seem to work, keep praying. He will answer them. I promise you he will. Just trust him with all you got. I know the lord has a plan. Nothing really does make sense, but I know for a fact he is in control. So even when everything doesn't seems right, it is. Just trust in his plan and hope for the best. When all is lost, just keep going. Give it all up and just keep swimming. He will help you through it. He won't give up on you, so don't give up on him. I love you all. Thank you for everything. Here is to another week. I leave you with a scripture. Alma 38:9. Until next time email people.


Week 29 - Junior Week

My fellow friends, what is up! Another week is here! haha still mindblowing
on how fast time goes. All is well here in the good ole mish. Just living
and partyin! haha and teaching of course! I will try my best to update you
all. Still hate writing these things hahahha but let's get started!

So this week was a junior companion life week! In the training, the new
missionary leads everything for the last two weeks of the training. The
planning, teaching and just everything. So it was like just a follow around
week for me. Definitely took a little stress off, but was worried for my
kid! he was stepping up to the big leagues now... And the dude rocked it!!
haha my kid is such a stud. With him leading we actually taught the most
lesson we have ever taught since we opened this puppy up. That made me feel
good. I have been doing something wrong for 10 weeks hahaha but my kid has
done awesome! He did work. So it was cool to see that, my boy is growing up

So ya that is teaching wise! We have picked up some new investigators and
even a family! So I am way excited bout the family. We even picked up this
sick Tatay. He is a stud. He has some Word of Wisdom issues and knows it is
bad. So before he joins he wants it to go away but doesn't know how.
Strongest lesson ever. Seriously my kid did work and the spirit was
amazing. So we are just gonna visit him everyday and read the BoM with him
until he gets the desire to finally give it up. He is way pumped about it
too! So it has been a huge blessing with finding. I'm telling ya, my kid
does wonders!

That is basically the week haha I forgot the rest. Oh ya! this morning we
went fishing hahaha so fun! P-days have been so borring so it was just
relaxing to sit next to the lake and fish it out. had some coconut too! I
have some pics here and others with the different missionaries, so I will
just send those next week. but ya! That is the week. It has been good. Been
learning a lot with just sitting back and letting the kid take over. Life
is good my friends. Learned this week you just gotta enjoy the little
moments. I realize that it really is the little moments that matter.
Nothing else. The little things lead to the big things. So enjoy them! You
are only here once. If you are struggling, enjoy it. If you are happy,
enjoy it. Just do what you gotta do and make the most of it. I love life
and thankful for all that you do for me. Seriously you guys rock. Stay real
my peeps. I leave you with a scripture. 2 Nephi 2:28. Until next time
people of my email.