Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 82 - Cookies Week

Since I have sucked writing letters the past couple of weeks I will try to do better this week. The week was good! Super exhausting.. I feel dead haha the lack of sleep has been getting to me. This week was just super busy. We had a meeting again in Naga. Then Exchanges with the Assistants, then Zone training and interviews were tied into that. Tie in another exchange and some baptismal interviews. Just all added up. But its good to be busy! So I'lll take it.
Interviews with President was a huge blessing. Just helped me out a ton! helped me figure things out that I needed to figure out. And talking to Sister Reeder is also a huge blessing! she is the best. haha the sweetest ever.

The work is coming along! We had our 70 year old investigator come to church. He is a professor here at a college. 70 years old and still teaching! he is super golden. Just super prepared. the only struggle has been getting him to church. And he finally came! So let the progression continue :) the mission is awesome.

Life is good! time is flying by way too quick... But that is what makes it enjoyable! makes me appreciate each day I have. I love you all! I ate balot this week... Wasn't as bad as I thought! but I won't eat it again maybe haha all is well. I leave you with a scripture! D&C 64:33. Until next time folks.

Week 81 - What Week

This week fly by. I have no time... Things are great.  I Love life! The mission is the best. so grateful to be here. I leave you with a scripture. 1 Nephi 6:4. Until next time folks.

Week 80 - Another Week

No time and don't know what to write haha things are good! I love the mission. I love life! Time is going by way too quick... cool things of the week. I ate stingray and snail. I freeze every night cuz its cold. This cat has a mustache. Love you all! I leave you with a scripture John 5:30. Until next time peeps.

Week 79 - Going Back Week

I have no time! im sorry! I am here in Labo. My new comp is E. Esteves. He is my batch! He is the guy i took the pic with last week that i sent haha foreshadow a little bit..

I am pumped to be here! This area is right next to my first area. So that is super cool! and I am just loving it here. haha Work is going by really good We spent all week finding and had some success. We have just been trying to talk to as many people as possible and it has been working. We have some really really cool potential families lined up and hopefully they will see what this gospel can do for their family! Nothing better than getting the chance to be with your family for forever.

We had a bagyo hit again yesterday. Rain and winds. nothing too bad. Messed with church tho. but luckily we were still able to make tt to church and even had an investigator show up! Boom. I'll take it.

The only bad thing that is there is still a brown out! so it just messes up the sced.. But we are making it work! This morning they had this burger challenge. Eating a burger and fries in 3 minutes and if you do it you get it for free.. Food always taste better when it is free..

I love life! love the mission! love the new area! wouldnt wanna be anywhere else. I have never been more tired haha but its worth it. I leave you all with a scripture. D&C42:61. Until next time folks.

Week 78 - Breezy Week

Each week just gets harder and harder to write here... Big news! I'm transferred. Weird. The past 4 months here have flown by! Always hard to leave an area and this one won't different.

This week was super busy! Too much happened and I am too lazy to write it all haha Meetings, exchanges, Area Broadcast and a lot of finding. I'm gonna miss this place! It has been really chilly too at night so my sleep has been prime. No electric fan! ive been cold for the first time in a long time. We rode a train too! that was different and cool.

Our Family investigator is doing awesome! Still coming to church! So ready to be baptized. Sucks that i won't see it happen but I still feel way blessed to have gotten the chance to teach them. They are legit! there really is nothing better than seeing how the gospel changes people's lives. That is what it is all about.

Love you all! Time is ticking... Let's see where life takes us! I leave you with a scripture D&C 35:24. Until next time family.

Week 77 - Too Busy Week

I'm out of time! Crazy week... I leave you with a scripture! D&C19:23. Until next time friends!

Week 76 - American Week

Hey folks! How was Christmas? hope is was good! Happy New year! Crazy how fast time is going. its 2015!!

Skyping home was the bomb! Christmas day was the bomb! we got fed a ton hahah i feel fat... but it was super good! The members here are awesome. We just went around and shared a little Christmas message which was super powerful! I loved it. Even though it was far from family, It will be a Christmas that I will always remember!

Crazy story of the week. We taught an American! From Iowa.. We were on exchanges with some elders in their area and they had an appointment to teach a potential investigator who ended up being an American. Teaching in English is super weird.. And hard hahaha I kept wanting to speak in tagalog but he had no clue so it was a struggle. But it was one of the best lessons i have been apart of. It was like Preach My Gospel perfect. Spirit driven the whole way. I was on exchanges with Elder Spencer from Utah and we both walked out in shock on how well it went. It was so cool to be apart of! Never would of thought that would have happened on my mission haha but so glad it did.

This week we also walked 13 km this week home... We missed the last trip coming from our farthest area. And that led to a 13 km walk of 3 miles in the pitch dark hahaha that was fun. I was dead after but it led to the best sleep on my entire life! So I am not complaining.

I can't believe this year is almost over... But the cool thing is that I can say that I spent the whole year of 2014 serving the Lord... I have been thinking about that the past couple of days and it is one of the coolest feelings ever. I am grateful I have spent this whole year serving him. I have grown closer to him in more ways than possible. I have found out who my Heavenly Father is and what he gave us. His Son. And I just spent this whole year helping people realize how to make it back. Couldn't think of a better way to spend it. I love this gospel. I love this work! I love you all :) hehe take care my friends. Its a new year! Make it the best! I leave you all with a scripture D&C 11:20. Until next time family.

Week 75 - Frozen Week

My friends! This week was packed. And i am too lazy to write about it haha sorry. ill try my best though.

We had our Mission Christmas Conference this Week! this year it was split up... Coolest thing is that we got to watch Frozen!! haha that movie is the bomb!! I felt like a little kid again. It was the coolest movie ever! Or i just have been a missionary for a long time haha either way i really like Frozen.

We also had our Branch Christmas Party! Party for days haha it was way fun! Great turn out. We had two family investigators there and it was a great fellowshipping thing for them! They really enjoyed it to and it just all worked out. man i love this work.

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! haha i am so excited for this Christmas. I feel like a little kid. I finally have found out the true meaning of Christmas. It's Christ. With him center around our Christmas, everything is just perfect. I feel at peace. I am thankful for a loving Father who gave his son for me. I love this work! and glad to be here during this time. I love you all! Merry Christmas :) enjoy it with the people you love. I leave you with a scripture. 2 Cor 4:18. Until next time family.

Week 74 - Primary Week

I feel like i just emailed you all.. so i dont really know what to write here! This may be short again...

This week flew by! Prolly cuz I just emailed. On Sunday was the Primary Program! that was super awesome haha the best thing ever. The primary is the best thing that has happened to this world! the kids were really cute and they had all there lines memorized! I feel like they are better at memorizing than i am. Which is not good haha but the program was awesome! I was just smiling the whole time and the spirit was way strong.

The mission life is great! Christmas is super duper close and I feel like i little kid! I am just really happy to be where i am at right now. This is the way life should be. I love you all! sorry for the short letter again. Forgive me! I leave you with a scripture Acts 5:41. Until next time my friends.

Week 73 - Ruby Week

Hey folks! Sorry I'm coming to you a lil late. Had a crazy week! And me being me, Im too lazy to write it all so bear with me! I'm safe tho. so that is good right?

We had a typhoon hit. Bagyo Ruby! We found out around friday that this thing was going to be a big deal. Super typhoon and we should prepare. So on Saturday we got put on lockdown. We evacuated to the church. And we stayed there till Monday hahaha what the long... It wasn't even bad! just a ton of rain and some winds. The storm didnt hit till Sunday night just wanted to be prepared. So form Saturday to Monday we just stayed at the chapel and was bored out of our minds. I thought i was gonna die of boredom.. Not a lot you can do as a missionary. And sleeping on tiles is not the greatest.. But it was fun to bond with members and stuff! Definitely an enjoyable time. At with us being on lockdown on sunday at the church we still got to go to church! Some missionaries couldnt because of it so that sucked haha Less Active missionaries. classic.

The cool part of the week is I got a new comp! E. Manicdo. He is from Tarlac. Used to be the Mission Secretary. Way cool guy! Excited for this transfer. Also had a super cool baptism on Saturday. It was way chaotic with the bagyo and stuff and we were all over the place before but it ended up being the best baptism i have ever been apart of. As in! the spirit was out of the world and everything was just legit. The guy is a future leader and really excited for him and his family.

I love the mission! It crazy, nothing ever happens as you expect it to happen but in the end in always just works out. I have finally learned not to worry and to fully trust the person who I needed to trust all along. Christmas is so close!! I am really excited for this Christmas. I know this gospel is the best gift for us all. I know Jesus is the gift we all need. Embrace him and find the joy. I love you all! I leave you with a scripture 2 Cor 4:5-6. Until next time family.

Week 72 - Movie Week

haha what a week! It flew by. I guess I should write a better email. I got fired up from some people for not updating you... oops sorry! just email time bugs sometimes and writing long letters ain't fun..

This week was awesome tho! So many blessings. It was my comps last week. I just sent him off!! Bye bye.. So weird! Doesn't feel like he should be leaving. These two transfers with him have flown by! The dude ended with a bang too. This week was huge work wise. We went finding like crazy and have some new potentials! So it was a good last week for him.

On Saturday we decided to try something else for finding. We held a movie night at the church! We have been planning it for a couple of weeks now.And it turned out to be legit. We just watched The Joseph Smith movie. had a lot of people come! 6 investigators showed up. one coming from 15 km away. Which was huge! The movie just brought the spirit big time and it just hit home. So we were way pumped about that.

Life is good! This transfer has flown by. I get my new comp tomorrow. And then another one starts again. It's Christmas!!! Decemeber na :) Yesterday at church we were talking about the Christmas party haha I am super pumped for this. Christmas has become my favorite holiday while I've been here because I finally figured out the true meaning of it CHRIST. He is the reason. He is the best gift we have ever received. And this year I get to spend the time again to serve him. At first I didn't realize how big of a deal that was but now! It just hit me. i don't think there is a better way to spend Christmas than to be serving the person who gave us his life. So this Christmas season, find a way to serve someone! find a way to use the gift he gave us :) you never know what could happen!
I love you all! Life is really good. and it is going by way too quick... Gotta make the most of it. I leave you with a scripture Romans 10:14-15. Until next time peeps.

Week 71 - ? week

Sorry! Nothing too big happened and I am just to lazy to write. The mission is still awesome! I love life. I love this time. I leave you with a scripture. Hebrews 11:6. Until next time family.

Week 70 - Exchanges Week

Here we are again. Good week! same old same old really haha nothing too much! Pretty busy but all is well. This week we had a ton of exchanges! I didn't really get to work with E. Klassen a whole lot... Tuesday we have exchanges with the Assistants. That is always fun! Get to ride in a car for a little and experience Air Con!! and a washing machine!!! the little things are the most important :) Also got to work with E. Packard again! My MTC comp. haha love that man. We had a good day of work.

 Great to work with him. Then on Thursday we had Zone Conference and that was legit. President Reeder gave a great workshop on the Priesthood. The Priesthood is so cool! It was just awesome to realize what we have in the church and the blessing we are able to receive because God restored his power through a prophet. I am grateful to be a priesthood holder and after the Zone Conference I just felt the blessing and the huge responsibility that I have to be a honorable priesthood holder. Heavenly Father has been so good to me.

Life is good! the mission is great. The priesthood is real. Miracles do truly happen. Heavenly Father loves us. The simple truths end up being the most important ones. I love you all! And miss you all. Keep the faith. I leave you with a scripture. Joshua 24:15. Until next time folks.

Week 69- Manila Week

What a crazy week! So many unexpected things happened haha it was crazy! Always adds some spice.

So on tuesday we had a meeting in Naga again. Then during the meeting, my comp found out he had to go to Manila to get some visa things done since he is going home... So that was a curveball and a half! So I got left while my comp went to Manila for 2 days. I got to work with a great Elder tho. Elder Finau from the island of New Zealand. The dude is a beast! Such a great time to work with him. The thing I learned from him is Christ-Like love! That man loves everybody. And you can just feel it. He genuinely cares about everyone and makes sure you are good. One of the traits i admire and hope to gain.

So I barely got to work with my comp this week which sucked! Still struggling to get people to church.. But we have taught some awesome lessons this week! We are teaching one person and every time we teach him it is the best feeling ever. Mark Anthony Bea. He has had a super rough past. The first time we met him he told us he drinks everyday and night to get rid of the feeling of hate and anger he has inside. We left him the story of Alma and it was the first time we have taught him in a month. He loved the story of Alma and says he wants to change and be baptized. What the golden! He is the man. He has a lot of changes to make but slowly and surely I know he will make them.

There is nothing better to see than to see people change for the better. That is probably the thing I have enjoyed most while serving. To see how the gospel truly changes people. To know that nothing is impossible with the gospel. I have seen it with other people and I have seen the change in me. It's crazy to think how much has happened in the time that i have been here. The growth that i have felt is unreal. I love life! haha its good. Christmas is super soon :) I keep hearing Christmas music and just get more pumped everyday! i would write more but I haven't eaten yet... I'm really hungry right now. I love you all. I leave you with a scripture. 1 Nephi 15:25. Until next time folks.