Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 79 - Going Back Week

I have no time! im sorry! I am here in Labo. My new comp is E. Esteves. He is my batch! He is the guy i took the pic with last week that i sent haha foreshadow a little bit..

I am pumped to be here! This area is right next to my first area. So that is super cool! and I am just loving it here. haha Work is going by really good We spent all week finding and had some success. We have just been trying to talk to as many people as possible and it has been working. We have some really really cool potential families lined up and hopefully they will see what this gospel can do for their family! Nothing better than getting the chance to be with your family for forever.

We had a bagyo hit again yesterday. Rain and winds. nothing too bad. Messed with church tho. but luckily we were still able to make tt to church and even had an investigator show up! Boom. I'll take it.

The only bad thing that is there is still a brown out! so it just messes up the sced.. But we are making it work! This morning they had this burger challenge. Eating a burger and fries in 3 minutes and if you do it you get it for free.. Food always taste better when it is free..

I love life! love the mission! love the new area! wouldnt wanna be anywhere else. I have never been more tired haha but its worth it. I leave you all with a scripture. D&C42:61. Until next time folks.

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