Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 73 - Ruby Week

Hey folks! Sorry I'm coming to you a lil late. Had a crazy week! And me being me, Im too lazy to write it all so bear with me! I'm safe tho. so that is good right?

We had a typhoon hit. Bagyo Ruby! We found out around friday that this thing was going to be a big deal. Super typhoon and we should prepare. So on Saturday we got put on lockdown. We evacuated to the church. And we stayed there till Monday hahaha what the long... It wasn't even bad! just a ton of rain and some winds. The storm didnt hit till Sunday night just wanted to be prepared. So form Saturday to Monday we just stayed at the chapel and was bored out of our minds. I thought i was gonna die of boredom.. Not a lot you can do as a missionary. And sleeping on tiles is not the greatest.. But it was fun to bond with members and stuff! Definitely an enjoyable time. At with us being on lockdown on sunday at the church we still got to go to church! Some missionaries couldnt because of it so that sucked haha Less Active missionaries. classic.

The cool part of the week is I got a new comp! E. Manicdo. He is from Tarlac. Used to be the Mission Secretary. Way cool guy! Excited for this transfer. Also had a super cool baptism on Saturday. It was way chaotic with the bagyo and stuff and we were all over the place before but it ended up being the best baptism i have ever been apart of. As in! the spirit was out of the world and everything was just legit. The guy is a future leader and really excited for him and his family.

I love the mission! It crazy, nothing ever happens as you expect it to happen but in the end in always just works out. I have finally learned not to worry and to fully trust the person who I needed to trust all along. Christmas is so close!! I am really excited for this Christmas. I know this gospel is the best gift for us all. I know Jesus is the gift we all need. Embrace him and find the joy. I love you all! I leave you with a scripture 2 Cor 4:5-6. Until next time family.

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