Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 67 - Peanuts and Caribou

Hey folks! I really don't like writing this weekly email haha but some things need to be done.

I rode a caribou this week! Boom... bucket list! it was fun, got pics, i survived. what more do you need?!

Also had a CSP this week where we picked peanuts! Boom... The farm life is dope! I could do that for the rest of my life. and peanuts are awesome. Always wondered where peanuts came from....

Work  is work! We are teaching a ton of Born Again Christians right now, which gives it a different taste. Everyone is catholic is the Philippines so its always weird to meet someone who isnt. but they are awesome! Truly searching so lessons are filled with questions and really focused. Hardest part is that they refuse to accept a baptismal date and come to church. so that is the tough part! Slow and steady wins the race..

The mission is everything! Life is good. Still mindblowing how fast it is all going. I still feel like I got here! I love this place. The people are awesome, and I know that this gospel is what they need. I love you all! Christmas is close :) hehe party it up! I leave you with a scripture. D&C 88:32-63. Until next time my friends.

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