Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 65 - Confernece Week

Another week of emailing... Don't know how I really feel bout this haha its a hassle.

Conference was awesome! Loved it. I have been looking forward to it for like weeks! haha i felt like a little school girl when it started. Lynn G. Robbins has a super legit talk. and then President Uchtdorf's talk on "Lord is it I?" hit home... Self check! Just hearing the words of the prophets is the best ever. Before, the only reason i liked conference was cuz i got to stay home and sleep hahaha but it is way cool to see the change.

This week was super busy with conference! Had interviews with President this week, that guy is just the man. Super good! always love talking to him. Then the next day we had exchanges in Naga. then Conference was on Saturday and Sunday, but we had to do some baptismal interviews so we ended up missing Saturday afternoon.. That sucked! but luckily since it was recorded we borrowed the DVD and then me and E. Klassen ended up watching it in our apartment. Just like home! haha so it was super cool to get a little taste of home while watching conf!

So ya this week was super busy so teaching was a little down. But we still taught really good lessons! Right now we are teaching a ton of people who aren't catholic.. Which is different since everyone here is catholic haha so it is different! But super cool so to be apart of. Most of them are Born Again here, and the people we are teaching are really searching. Which is super cool! but their progression is super slow.. But it has been cool to see how people are really searching and then when they feel little truth it is just the coolest thing to see! This gospel is unreal.

Life is good folks! Keep partying! haha enjoy the time. goes faster than you think. I leave you all with a scipture. Jacob 4:10. Until next time folks...

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