Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 72 - Movie Week

haha what a week! It flew by. I guess I should write a better email. I got fired up from some people for not updating you... oops sorry! just email time bugs sometimes and writing long letters ain't fun..

This week was awesome tho! So many blessings. It was my comps last week. I just sent him off!! Bye bye.. So weird! Doesn't feel like he should be leaving. These two transfers with him have flown by! The dude ended with a bang too. This week was huge work wise. We went finding like crazy and have some new potentials! So it was a good last week for him.

On Saturday we decided to try something else for finding. We held a movie night at the church! We have been planning it for a couple of weeks now.And it turned out to be legit. We just watched The Joseph Smith movie. had a lot of people come! 6 investigators showed up. one coming from 15 km away. Which was huge! The movie just brought the spirit big time and it just hit home. So we were way pumped about that.

Life is good! This transfer has flown by. I get my new comp tomorrow. And then another one starts again. It's Christmas!!! Decemeber na :) Yesterday at church we were talking about the Christmas party haha I am super pumped for this. Christmas has become my favorite holiday while I've been here because I finally figured out the true meaning of it CHRIST. He is the reason. He is the best gift we have ever received. And this year I get to spend the time again to serve him. At first I didn't realize how big of a deal that was but now! It just hit me. i don't think there is a better way to spend Christmas than to be serving the person who gave us his life. So this Christmas season, find a way to serve someone! find a way to use the gift he gave us :) you never know what could happen!
I love you all! Life is really good. and it is going by way too quick... Gotta make the most of it. I leave you with a scripture Romans 10:14-15. Until next time peeps.

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