Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 10 - Finding Week

My people! Another week down. Time is flying by. Feel like the days just
blend in now. But each day has a blessing that is unforgettable. The lord
does wonders my friends! Not too much this week but I will try to keep you
all updated the best I can. So sit back and enjoy!

So no FHE last monday. Sad :( But got one scheduled today, so the party
continues! But this week has straight been tracting week. AH!!! I struggle
with tracting. haha It is something that I know that has to get done but
still hard for me since I got this language I am still learning. But The
lord has humbled me and realize that I got some work to do! So huge
learning experience this week with tracting. But freak, we walk so much
with tracting! I seriously don't think it is possible to walk as much as I
have. I don't even know how I am still standing! Since our area is out in
Vietnam and no tricycles like to visit, we have to walk. So that is the
struggle of tracting. But I will be skinny and that is the only blessing I

So some news on the golden inv of ours. He is awesome! Seriously each
lesson feels like a review and even though his tagalog is deeper than the
ocean, I know he gets it. The other day we asked him if he had prayed about
Joseph Smith and all he said was " Why do I need to question God, when I
already know it to be true?" I just laughed and was shocked! the laugh was
because I just couldn't believe how prepared he was by the lord. Then we
taught WoW yesterday and all he said was "All of that is bad for you, no
way I am doing that." haha so sick! So I feel so blessed that the lord
trust me enough to teach the person he has prepared.

So this Saturday it was family week in the stake and all the missionaries
got to join. PARTY! It was like a straight parade through all the areas and
even had police escorts. The mormons basically run this town. But it was a
blast. and after the parade we went to the stake center and had played some
games and ate some food and had a sweet talent show. It was a blast and
just cool to interact with the members. We had a lot of LA's show up and it
helped out a ton because the next day for church our attendance was up to
70+! The most since I have been here. It was so awesome to see people who
haven't been to church in so long so up with the biggest smiles on their
face. The church is true my friends. Oh ya and at church I gave a talk
again for the second week in a row. So life is a party. By the end of my
mission, I will be pro at just speaking to congregations.

That is the week my folks. Nothing too special but still one filled with
adventures and fun. Of course! But just want to thank you all for the
support and the love you all show. Miss you all and hope life is still
rocking wherever you may be. The Lord works mysterious ways, but he is
always doing what is best for us. Keep hanging in there and remember the
Lord believes in you! I leave you all with a scripture. Alma 41:14-15.
Mahal ko kayo.

Elder Finneman

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 9 - No Title

So I really couldn't think of a title this week so this was my next best one! A good week, busy busy with some struggles of course. But still one filled with more blessings than a guy like me deserves. Hope you guys enjoy another week of excitement!

Let's see... So last monday, had another FHE! This time at Ivy's house just after her baptism. Of course it was a party! Tuesday was interviews with President Reeder! The best thing about this day was I finally found out how much I weigh now. Which is scary for me but it had to be checked!! and the final verdict blew my mind. I lost 15 pounds. WAHOO!!!! haha this is a big deal for me because I was straight HUGE in the MTC. The islands change you people. Let's hope and pray I lose more or at least don't gain more. But I was jumping for joy after the news of losing that much. Life is good :)

Teaching wise it was a struggle this week. Not a lot of lessons because of interviews and on Wednesday we had exchanges. I got to go to Daet which is the closest thing we have to a city in my area. A straight party! Taught some really cool people and a change of scenery was what I needed. I just failed to take some pics of the fun I had. haha oops. But in our area we don't really have any investigators. So we do a ton of walking and tracting. No wonder I have lost 15 pounds. So that is life of lessons here!

Huge blessing though. One of our investigators, Tatay Nani. He is 76 years old and his tagalog is the deepest tagalog ever, I swear. I barely understand the dude! But man, has he been prepared by the lord. He has gone to church twice now and everytime we teach him it is like a review for him. He just accepts it all and always says " Of course it should be like that." GOLDEN!! So yesterday we committed him to a baptismal date and said "You guys have the right authority, why not?" Straight prepared by the Lord! even though I struggle understanding his super super deep language but the spirit is always there and I have learned that is all you need in lessons. I felt like I didn't do anything! The lord prepares a way my friends.

Now the cool experiences of the week. So last p-day I left my usb cord for my camera at the computer shop. The struggle. So I thought I wouldn't be able to send you all some sweet pics! but I found it and life is good. Saw my first chicken fight this week! haha they were going ham on each other. Let's see what else? I am struggling remember everything that happened this week. This email is just a bunch of randomness, I'm sorry folks! oh ya, yesterday at church, I had to give a talk! Found out 20 min before sacrament started. but no big deal second one wasn't nervous. but this is where it gets interesting. I walk into priesthood a little late and they make me teach! what the heck?! So I had to teach priesthood without knowing what to teach and having to teach with the high councilor there in a language I barely know. The freaking struggle haha but it wen alright! I think... and hope. I just remember always looking at my watch and wondering when this will end! So there is my struggles of the week.

Oh the pics! so one is FHE another is me trying to climb a tree hahaha oh was that tough. and other just me next to a river that is our area! that is all I got this week.

That is all I got this week my people, I am struggling remembering all that happened! It was a struggle but you gotta have the struggles to enjoy the good ones. If you do what you are supposed to do, the lord will take care of the rest and that is all that matters in life. Keep Partying my friends and enjoying the days you have. Time goes way to quick to worry about the small things. I wish you all the best! and I leave you with a scripture. D&C 78:17-18. Until next time my friends.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 8

My people!! Whew great week, challenging but so many blessings! I struggle remembering what all happens in each week but I will try my best to let you all know how it is here in the land of my people.
So brown out week. we had 7 this week! oh it sucked haha most at night so it was just burning while sleeping. The struggle continues my friends, but I survived so all is well! Last Monday we had a FHE and it was a blast! before we started of course there was a brown out but all is well it did not stop the power of FHE. FHE are like just straight parties here. Spiritual, games and food. What more do you need in life?!
The members in this branch are awesome too! The progession is unreal with how much they have been helping the missionaries. Ever since the addition of the sisters we have seen the growth of missionary work. Members are now joining the sisters and helping them find people to teach. We have gained loads of referrals and it has been a huge blessing. It feels like family here and I love it. The members are great with language too. They always help me and just make life that much easier. So hopefully after our work is done, we can make this wonderful place a ward and then hopefully a stake. KG said it best. Anything is possible!
This week was also the first week of having a baptism! Man, it is something special to see someone step into the waters and begin their new life. Even though she is only 13 it was amazing to be apart of it. I was lucky enough to perform the baptism and I was way nervous. So nervous I messed up the words!! What are the odds.... haha really the struggle is still real people. I felt so bad because after the first time you could just see the smile on her face and the spirit was so strong. And no one said anything until everyone was inside and the 2nd counselor came up to me and asked "did you mess up the words?" Ah!!! So we did it again but it was just a huge blessing to be apart of. Even though I messed up. But it is ok because messing up is what makes the ride enjoyable.
Pics now! I totally forgot what pictures I put up. I know one is from FHE and another from the baptism! That is my home skillet Ivy getting baptized. I think another is with the all girls, they used to be our investigators but we handed them over to the sisters. The mom is less active but has come to church for two weeks and now the kids all have a baptismal date! So the lords does work my friends. There goal is to be sealed in the temple because the husband passed away. Huge blessing to see their progession. A mission is just amazing! I forgot the rest of the pics so just good luck guessing what happened! haha sorry!
Ok my mind is blank on what else happened this week... But it was a good one!  It is tough teaching since we have no teaching pool but I know the lord will lead us to the people he needs us to teach. Like my boy George Micheal said, "I gotta have faith, faith faith!" Stay classy peeps. Hope last week was good and I hope you have a better one this week. I leave you with a scripture. Messed up last weeks so I leave you with two. it truly was the week of mess ups!! Alma 37:36-37 D&C 24:8. Until Next time my friends. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 7 Tranfer/Open Area

People of my email! I welcome to this week of... Elder Finneman's
Adventures! Glad you could join me for a great week and I will do what I
can to keep you updated and let you all know of the week that I had! So
here we go.

So the beginning of this week was a huge struggle! We didn't have Ace with
us because he left for the mission, so teaching was nearly impossible
because most of our investigators are new and for some reason are nanay's (mothers) or kids who
are girls. Doesn't help that we have about 3 active priesthood holders
haha. So we made a goal to focus on re-activating priesthood but failed
miserably. The lord works in mysterious ways my friends.  Ok I lost my
train of thought because just had a brown out so bare with me peeps!

Oh ya, how the Lord works! so Tuesday we struggled with lessons because of
no priesthood and we were really worried that the whole week would be a
struggle as well. Then Wednesday hit. In the afternoon we got the craziest
news ever. We were going to add sisters in our area! COMPLETE SURPRISE.  We
had no clue that the apartment had been cleared and it shocked us. But the
lord knows people! All of our investigators were being prepared for the
sisters and we had no clue. It was such a blessing to see how the lord
prepares the way for his children to hear the gospel.

So this week was a lot of just helping the sisters with the area! They are
taking our whole area and we get to open a new area. YAY!! I am way excited
to open an area but way scared because since we did not know the sisters
were coming, we did absolutely NO preparation in the new area for teaching
pool. So the next few weeks are going to be a challenge but a fun one. And
the fact that we now get to work in an area that is freaking a mile away
from anything will be a joy. the walking begins! If I don't come home
skinny, I will freak the freak out. That is how much walking we will be
doing. So wish me luck! But I am so excited to start and so pumped to have
sisters in the area now. I should probably tell you guys there names.
Sister Adkins and Sister Redline! They are awesome. Huge blessing of the week
just to see how much the Lord knows. He knows all my friends!

Now the pics, I forgot the order because of the brown out so bare with me
haha but the first one I believe is just some of the elders in the zone
this morning after some b ball! freaking blast. Got a great zone. I have
also receive many concerns about the hair. The beast has finally been tamed
peeps! It got cut. Pics to follow next week. another pic is me eating some
sugar cane! so sick. it is so good too! so there is a pic of me with a
whole sugar cane. I am the King of sugar canes now. oh ya the other one! ok
those are all bees! CRAZY!!! We found it yesterday on that branch right
about a house we were tracting. I wanted to throw a rock at it so bad but I
know even I couldn't outrun it. Even though I got blazing speed :)

That is all I got this week folks, thanks for tuning in! Hope this week
treats you all well, and I really appreciate the individual emails.  Keep
rocking it my friends and remember the Lord is on your side! If not I feel
bad for you son. See you all on the other side and I leave you with a
scripture. Alma 27:36-37. Mahal ko kayo.

Elder Kyle Finneman

Week 6 - Birthday Week

My People!! Welcome the one and only 19 year old me! Birthday week was a success! Great week with some challenges but that is what makes life good right?! Just want to say thank you to all for the wishes, means a lot. Well let's get started!

Last time we talked, I mentioned we had a FHE planned at a less active's
house.  Straight success! It was a blast.  It feels so long ago so I am
having a hard time remembering what all happened but I loved it. FHE here
is literally a party. Games food and just a good time. What more do you
need?! But it helps out so much with members, especially here since we only
have a branch. So we have been working hard to get the members involved in
this work. and the plan is working!

This was the last week that Ace is going to work with us as he leaves on
his own adventure this week to Angeles! We are going to miss him tons as he
was the only priesthood member that came with us to teach, but I am so
pumped for him to start serving there. But we are definitely going to
suffer with lessons now. He is one of three priesthood holders in our
branch! so our goal is just to starting converting all the men in this
small town. So far, not so good! we mostly teach families where the dad
doesn't want any of it. The Struggle people! but the Lord prepares a way
and at least we are teaching!

Teaching wise it was a good week! only bad thing is we had to drop a family
investigator because of the tatay (Dad). So that was heartbreaking because they were
progressing big time. But the Lord knows all and sometimes time is needed!
so the search continues my friends and tune in next week to see how it goes.

Ok so I guess I should update you on how the birthday went.... It was
awesome!! Feels weird that say that I am now 19. I still feel like 17. The
members decided to throw me a party and a farewell for Ace on Saturday so
that was a blast! In the morning we went to a different area and had a one
day mission with the missionaries there! so fun. We went with some RM's and
it was crazy how good they were at teaching! It helped me realize I have a
lot to learn and just made me that much more pumped to realize that I could
be there someday! Just gotta keep working. After the one day mission, we
went to the chapel and partied it up! I felt so blessed that the members
did that for me, but it was also so sick for Ace too! So I definitely had a
great birthday.

Now the blessing of the week! So we have been teaching a part member
family. The Madayag Family. The nanay(Mom) is less active and her kids are all
non-members.  The tatay(father) died about a year ago so it has been tough on the
family. So the past 4 weeks we have been teaching them about the Plan of
Salvation and about temple sealings.  The nanay did not really know about
it and was wanting to know more. We said it was all possible if the kids
would be baptized and in a year they could go to the temple and perform the
ordinances. But the kids don't want any of it! and they haven't been to
church since the death so it is tough to make progress.  All that change
during birthday week! The best gift ever!! During teachings this week, the
kids finally started asking questions and were involved and yesterday, they
finally went to church!!! WAHOO!!!!! Me and Elder Manaois we jumping for
joy. Even the lord gave me a present! Testimony builder right there peeps.

So even though it was a tough week, it was such a blessing! Life is good my
friends and I am just enjoying the ride. oh ya the pics!! so some are of
the birthday party, sorry I forgot what order I put all these down haha but
then another of me carrying someone is a cool story. so one of the members
had surgery on his foot about 2 months ago so he like hops around
everywhere. well after FHE there were no tricycles and he lives pretty far
away! so I decided to carry him until we found a tricycle. It is crazy how
light filipinos are! He was like 100 pounds so it was way easy and just a
party! the other pics are just me crossing this muddy place and not wanting
to get dirty so I went the way of Tarzan and through the trees. I am still
living so I survived!

That is all from birthday week peeps, hope you enjoyed the letter! Thank
you again for all the wishes. I am truly blessed with great people in my
life. Have a good week my fellow people! This week is the beginning of
Christmas here in the Philippines so Merry Christmas!! Love you all and I
wish you glorious week! Party Hard my friends! Mahal ko kayo! I leave you
with a scripture. Alma 29:9. Until Next time homies.

Elder Kyle Finneman