Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 69- Manila Week

What a crazy week! So many unexpected things happened haha it was crazy! Always adds some spice.

So on tuesday we had a meeting in Naga again. Then during the meeting, my comp found out he had to go to Manila to get some visa things done since he is going home... So that was a curveball and a half! So I got left while my comp went to Manila for 2 days. I got to work with a great Elder tho. Elder Finau from the island of New Zealand. The dude is a beast! Such a great time to work with him. The thing I learned from him is Christ-Like love! That man loves everybody. And you can just feel it. He genuinely cares about everyone and makes sure you are good. One of the traits i admire and hope to gain.

So I barely got to work with my comp this week which sucked! Still struggling to get people to church.. But we have taught some awesome lessons this week! We are teaching one person and every time we teach him it is the best feeling ever. Mark Anthony Bea. He has had a super rough past. The first time we met him he told us he drinks everyday and night to get rid of the feeling of hate and anger he has inside. We left him the story of Alma and it was the first time we have taught him in a month. He loved the story of Alma and says he wants to change and be baptized. What the golden! He is the man. He has a lot of changes to make but slowly and surely I know he will make them.

There is nothing better to see than to see people change for the better. That is probably the thing I have enjoyed most while serving. To see how the gospel truly changes people. To know that nothing is impossible with the gospel. I have seen it with other people and I have seen the change in me. It's crazy to think how much has happened in the time that i have been here. The growth that i have felt is unreal. I love life! haha its good. Christmas is super soon :) I keep hearing Christmas music and just get more pumped everyday! i would write more but I haven't eaten yet... I'm really hungry right now. I love you all. I leave you with a scripture. 1 Nephi 15:25. Until next time folks.

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