Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 40 - Holy Week

Hey Folks! I swear I was just emailing you. Time is sure flying by. Can't
believe it! But let's just update you on this week I guess!

So it was holy week. Man, Filipinos know how to party! People were
singing, dancing and making these huge floats with saints on them.
Seriously they take it overboard. It was crazy. So many people were out
doing things, in the church singing and doing these crazy things then
Friday hit and it just went dead quiet. Like it was scary how quiet it
went. So ya friday saturday and yesterday we got curfewed cuz our President
did'nt want anything bad happening. Which I was thinking there are no
people here to have anything happen to us hahah but all is well. It was
just crazy to see what they were doing. Just taking it way too far. Made me
think on all the prophecies. "Men shall be blinded by the craftiness of the
devil and men." SOOO TRUE... Holy Week in the Philippines testifies of it...

This week we also had Zone Conference. Man! President Reeder is the bomb
dot com. Seriously he gave up the greatest workshop ever. Kind of an answer
to a prayer. But it was on How to recognize personal revelation. Man it was
crazy good. I wish I could tell you how crazy awesome it was but you just
had to be in the room and feel the spirit. Seriously the spirit is
something else. I don't know how anyone can deny its power. When you know,
you just KNOW. The lord works in wondrous ways. I have come to realize that
on my mission. The lord truly has a plan. It never makes any sense but it
always always works out. Always. Without fail. So why not trust in it? Just
give it all up to him and trust in him. I read this sick quote the other
day. "You will only make a man, God will make you a god." It's true. Only
through him can we become like him.

Since it was Easter I just want to talk a little about the Savior and his
atonement. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I also know that he dies for us.
Here on the mission i have truly appreciated what the Atonement truly is. I
messed up a lot when I was a kid and I never thought I could make it back.
But because he died for us I can, and so can you. He gave his life because
he loved us. It wasn't for fame or for glory but because he just straight
up loved us. I hope I can gain that love. And I hope that I can do the same
for him. I have always thought on how we could even pay him back for dying
for us. Everything we have has come from him. Everything but one thing. Our
will and heart. That is the only thing we can give him that he does not
already have. As we make his will our will, we in turn become like him.
That is why we are here. To follow his example. I hope we can do this.
Don't do it cuz you have to but do it cuz it is the only thing you can do.
Just give it up to him. I love you all and I am thankful for your example.
Remember because of him we shall live forever. I leave you with a scripture
Matthew 11:28-30. Until next time my friends...

Week 39 - Conference Week

Hello friends! Another week is upon us. I don't know what else to say
hahahha but it was a good one. An adjustment! but still good.

So the new comp is chill! His name is E. Lam Cheung. He is from Somoa but
has some chinese german running through the veins too. He has gotten in
some problems before but he is still a really good guy. A hard worker! So
we have gotten a lot done this week. But it is still taken an adjustment.
He goes home in December! So he has been here longer than me. So I am just
trying to learn the most I can from him. The lord has a plan!!

The biggest news this week was definitely Conference! For those of you that
missed it, just hit up good ole   but has been over for
you fellas for like 2 weeks now in the states hahah but we in the islands
just had it this past week.  But man conference was off the hook!! well
when isn't it hahah never heard someone say "Man, conference just was a let
down this year." hahha but seriously it is something else to hear directly
from the prophet! I loved Eyring's talk in priesthood about Heroes. That
one hit home. And just all of them! What I got from conference this year is
faith. That we need to trust and have faith in God. Trust in his plan and
just don't back down from it. Being members of the church, the world is
going against now everything we believe in. They mentioned Helaman 5:12
like 4 times on Saturday. "My sons, remember rememer that is is upon the
rock of our Redeemer, who is CHRIST, the Son Of God, that ye MUST build
your foundation." If our foundation is strong no matter how bad this world
gets. We shall not fall.

My friends I know this to be true. I know this is Christ's church and as we
build our foundation around him no matter what happens in this world we
will be victorious. We will win that trophy. the trophy of eternal life.
Life is a struggle! It isn't easy. But what I have learned this past months
on the mission that it wasn't easy for our Savior. So why should we think
that it would be easy for us. And even though it isn't easy. The hard times
make it all worth it. It makes us appreciate everything in life. The
important things. So spend time with the family, sit down and just enjoy
life. We live in a world of chaos, but as we turn to Christ and build our
foundation around him we will begin to live in a world of peace among the
chaos. I love you all and could not be more thankful for all that you do
for me. I leave you with a scripture. 1 Corinthians 9:12. Until next time
mga kapatid.

Week 38 - Food Week

My peeps! Geezo time is straight cruzzzzzzzzing! I cant believe it haha but loving it. But as time goes by, these emails get harder and harder to write hahah I just get lazy... YOu guys just should join me in this work and you could just see all the happiness so I dont have to write this anymore. But until then, I guess ill update you on the week!

So I have never been fed so much this week! haha it is unreal... I am gonna get fat. It is a blessing and a curse. Why is food so good?! I have had more food appointments in a week than I have had on my whole mission. LIfe is different when you are in the city! and when you happen to find your great aunt in your area... So throwing that in the mix with all the members I have yet to cook lunch and only dinner twice hahaha seriously it is bad.. But I will not complain :) I am living the high life for sure. I LOVE FOOD..

And I love this area! Even though it is huge and we are basically kind of opening it up, the people here are awesome. We have had some huge success with finding and it has just been a party. We have picked up some sick new investigators that are making some huge strides, hopefully I dont jynx this! but it has been such a huge blessing. Feeling way grateful. The lord has prepared a way. That is what I have learned on my mission. As missionaries we do nothing. It is all the lord. We just help them realize that is there heavenly father. He truly does care about his kids. I have seen it. So such a huge blessing for sure to be apart of. We have 5 inv show up to church yesterday and I just went little school crazy inside!! Seriously nothing better as a missionary than to see the people finally realizing why this gospel is important. 

It has been a good week my friends. Just tryna make the most it! it has been fun :) I got this little pool resort next to our house and all I hear are kids playing in the water while it is a million degrees outside. Seriously it is so hot hahaha and hearing people playing in a pool doesnt help out. and the fact that they always have music bumping just sometimes make me miss the water... But I wouldnt wanna be anywhere else! Even though we walk miles and get doors slammed for some reason, I wouldn't have it any other way.  The mission changes you. changes you for the better.

The pics! here is an albino caribou for ya haha so awesome! and then just a little taste of what I have eaten this week. I have eaten like a king! may not look like it but for me that is royalty right there.

Bad news of the week.. I am getting a new comp later today... some things happen in another companionship and we are the ones that have to switch. So I have to say goodbye to E. Lavulavu. Which sucks! He is such a great guy. It has been a good two weeks. But the lord needs him somewhere else.That is prolly the thing that I have learned the most on the mission. That the lord truly has a plan for all. And how hard it is to sometimes trust in that plan. But it always works out... no matter what! So even though it is sometimes hard, we just gotta take that leap of faith and run with it. We just have to trust in Heavenly Father like he trusts in us. Easier said than done but it will all be worth it. I love you all, I leave you with a scripture. 2 Nephi 26:33. Until next time family.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 37 - City Life Week

My friends, another week! They all just kind of blend in now haha but this
week was a huge one! A lot of change for sure. But good change! Change is
always good. And this change may be great!

So I got transferred, to Iriga! haha I am now serving in the city... I'm
not a city boy! There are way too many people and they are all rich.. haha
but luckily i still have some outskirts in my area! I actually love this
area. It's HUGE! They city life is finally upon me. It's weird to see
restaurants and fast food places.. Been a while since I have seen some!
Which means I'm gonna get fat.. Freak! haha but I am way excited. I am
serving in a branch again but it is basically a ward. We are just a
district still for you big fellas up there that is a stake but littler haha
but I am starting love it here! The people have been way nice and they all
freaked out when they found out that I was from utah hahahah they all
thought i was from the philippines. Seeing there facial expressions are
hilarious. I wish I could take a pic and show you. They freak out. But the
mental picture will have to do.

My comp is E. Lavulavu. He is the batch of my kid and from the heart of
Tonga. Finally got me a Poly comp!! haha yes, get me a little taste of
home. He is legit! such a humble and a big loving dude. He is quiet though
but we have already had some fun! He is new to the area too so we are both
learning the area. haha that is fun. We don't know where we are going half
the time but we just go with the flow and make the most of it. Seriously,
loving all this change!

So ya change has been the biggest! new area, new comp and just tryng get a
feel for everything. But straight up loving it here already. The members
are awesome, the comp is a stud, the area is kicking and we are just
living! First week and some crazy things have already happened haha I found
out that the sister of my grandpa lives here. Ran into her yesterday! This
world is way too small. So gonna preach her the good word! She straight up
said don't convince me to join your church hahaha but we will give it some
time and have some fun :) Gonna get some family history done!

So ya folks, that is my lovely week. The city life is now me, I got a Poly
comp and we party it up and I am gonna convert my family. what else does a
guy need? Life is good. No complaints. Just taking it all in! oh ya the
pics for ya. That is my comp in one, the other is Mount Mayon! you can see
if from our apartment and our area. it is in legaspi but we are just that
close to it! some sunset pics and Me with some I <3 Iriga :) haha just
having some fun! Realized I was way too serious in my last area. Life is
too hard when you are so serious! I realized you also gotta have some fun.
Which is weird cuz I swear that is all I did. But I guess it is just
finding the right balance.. Life is meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to
mess up and learn. None of are perfect and the only way to get there is
just to mess up sometimes. Get dirty, fall. Fail and just keep trying. Cuz
those are the times you will remember. I love you all. Seriously, you guys
are everything to me. I would not be here without you. Keep pushing on.
Life is good. Just depends on what you look at. So Enjoy! Laugh, mess
around a little. Just be happy :) I leave you with a scripture. 2 Nephi
33:12. Until next time homies.