Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 38 - Food Week

My peeps! Geezo time is straight cruzzzzzzzzing! I cant believe it haha but loving it. But as time goes by, these emails get harder and harder to write hahah I just get lazy... YOu guys just should join me in this work and you could just see all the happiness so I dont have to write this anymore. But until then, I guess ill update you on the week!

So I have never been fed so much this week! haha it is unreal... I am gonna get fat. It is a blessing and a curse. Why is food so good?! I have had more food appointments in a week than I have had on my whole mission. LIfe is different when you are in the city! and when you happen to find your great aunt in your area... So throwing that in the mix with all the members I have yet to cook lunch and only dinner twice hahaha seriously it is bad.. But I will not complain :) I am living the high life for sure. I LOVE FOOD..

And I love this area! Even though it is huge and we are basically kind of opening it up, the people here are awesome. We have had some huge success with finding and it has just been a party. We have picked up some sick new investigators that are making some huge strides, hopefully I dont jynx this! but it has been such a huge blessing. Feeling way grateful. The lord has prepared a way. That is what I have learned on my mission. As missionaries we do nothing. It is all the lord. We just help them realize that is there heavenly father. He truly does care about his kids. I have seen it. So such a huge blessing for sure to be apart of. We have 5 inv show up to church yesterday and I just went little school crazy inside!! Seriously nothing better as a missionary than to see the people finally realizing why this gospel is important. 

It has been a good week my friends. Just tryna make the most it! it has been fun :) I got this little pool resort next to our house and all I hear are kids playing in the water while it is a million degrees outside. Seriously it is so hot hahaha and hearing people playing in a pool doesnt help out. and the fact that they always have music bumping just sometimes make me miss the water... But I wouldnt wanna be anywhere else! Even though we walk miles and get doors slammed for some reason, I wouldn't have it any other way.  The mission changes you. changes you for the better.

The pics! here is an albino caribou for ya haha so awesome! and then just a little taste of what I have eaten this week. I have eaten like a king! may not look like it but for me that is royalty right there.

Bad news of the week.. I am getting a new comp later today... some things happen in another companionship and we are the ones that have to switch. So I have to say goodbye to E. Lavulavu. Which sucks! He is such a great guy. It has been a good two weeks. But the lord needs him somewhere else.That is prolly the thing that I have learned the most on the mission. That the lord truly has a plan for all. And how hard it is to sometimes trust in that plan. But it always works out... no matter what! So even though it is sometimes hard, we just gotta take that leap of faith and run with it. We just have to trust in Heavenly Father like he trusts in us. Easier said than done but it will all be worth it. I love you all, I leave you with a scripture. 2 Nephi 26:33. Until next time family.


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