Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 37 - City Life Week

My friends, another week! They all just kind of blend in now haha but this
week was a huge one! A lot of change for sure. But good change! Change is
always good. And this change may be great!

So I got transferred, to Iriga! haha I am now serving in the city... I'm
not a city boy! There are way too many people and they are all rich.. haha
but luckily i still have some outskirts in my area! I actually love this
area. It's HUGE! They city life is finally upon me. It's weird to see
restaurants and fast food places.. Been a while since I have seen some!
Which means I'm gonna get fat.. Freak! haha but I am way excited. I am
serving in a branch again but it is basically a ward. We are just a
district still for you big fellas up there that is a stake but littler haha
but I am starting love it here! The people have been way nice and they all
freaked out when they found out that I was from utah hahahah they all
thought i was from the philippines. Seeing there facial expressions are
hilarious. I wish I could take a pic and show you. They freak out. But the
mental picture will have to do.

My comp is E. Lavulavu. He is the batch of my kid and from the heart of
Tonga. Finally got me a Poly comp!! haha yes, get me a little taste of
home. He is legit! such a humble and a big loving dude. He is quiet though
but we have already had some fun! He is new to the area too so we are both
learning the area. haha that is fun. We don't know where we are going half
the time but we just go with the flow and make the most of it. Seriously,
loving all this change!

So ya change has been the biggest! new area, new comp and just tryng get a
feel for everything. But straight up loving it here already. The members
are awesome, the comp is a stud, the area is kicking and we are just
living! First week and some crazy things have already happened haha I found
out that the sister of my grandpa lives here. Ran into her yesterday! This
world is way too small. So gonna preach her the good word! She straight up
said don't convince me to join your church hahaha but we will give it some
time and have some fun :) Gonna get some family history done!

So ya folks, that is my lovely week. The city life is now me, I got a Poly
comp and we party it up and I am gonna convert my family. what else does a
guy need? Life is good. No complaints. Just taking it all in! oh ya the
pics for ya. That is my comp in one, the other is Mount Mayon! you can see
if from our apartment and our area. it is in legaspi but we are just that
close to it! some sunset pics and Me with some I <3 Iriga :) haha just
having some fun! Realized I was way too serious in my last area. Life is
too hard when you are so serious! I realized you also gotta have some fun.
Which is weird cuz I swear that is all I did. But I guess it is just
finding the right balance.. Life is meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to
mess up and learn. None of are perfect and the only way to get there is
just to mess up sometimes. Get dirty, fall. Fail and just keep trying. Cuz
those are the times you will remember. I love you all. Seriously, you guys
are everything to me. I would not be here without you. Keep pushing on.
Life is good. Just depends on what you look at. So Enjoy! Laugh, mess
around a little. Just be happy :) I leave you with a scripture. 2 Nephi
33:12. Until next time homies.

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