Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 36 - White Week

Well Folks another week! This may be short cuz I really don't know what to
put hahaha sorry!

So I'm transferred! I am actually really really surprised that I am being
transfered, thought for sure that I would stay here and my kid would go but
the lord has planned other wise. Man, its been a while since I have had a
change, 18 weeks! So I am having a little mixed emotions... Don't know what
to really expect, but you just gotta hope for the best I guess.

But we did get to have some baptisms on Saturday! No better way to leave
then to see some people get dunked. They are awesome too! . Truly a special
day. Had the chance to baptize one of them too and seriously I don't know
if there is a better feeling. The fact that I was lucky enough to help them
get closer to returning home is something else. So there are some pics from
the baptism there. Enjoy that!

The other pics.... So the one with the old man! he is 95! hahaha and he is
straight rocking a mohawk! new cut hahah I laughed and had to get a pic
with him.. those are the new converts the two girls haha they are awesome!
and then some pics from our activity last week at the falls.

But ya that sums up the week. Just seeing some people swim and finding out
I am getting transfered. Change is good my friends, it is all part of the
plan. We just never know what lies ahead. That is what faith is for. Just
trust in our Heavenly Father. He knows the way and the path. So trust in
him. Even when you don't know where to walk, hope for the best and walk. If
you fall he is there to catch you I promise. I love you all. Life is hard,
but that is what makes it fun! Enjoy the moment my friends cuz it will all
end soon. Don't wait for the end to be happy. That is my problem haha but
I'm learning. One day it will all be worth it. I leave you with a
scripture. Mosiah 4:11. Until next time email people.

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