Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 33 - Barbecue Week

Well my friends we are here with another week! What is up? how is
everyone?! Just living here haha nothing really new, just teaching the good
word to the people of the homeland! May be a short email not too much
happened that was new but I will try my best.

So decent week. Work is progessing! And then some days it isn't haha the
struggle but overall it is looking up! Just trying to help our
investigators reach their goal of a baptism date and they are progressing a
ton! The wedding planning is going pretty well too. But it is stressful! I
hope I only have to do this on the mission hahaha but one cool thing that
happened this week is we started teaching a seventh day advenist. Those
lessons have been interesting. They are the ones that believe the sabbath
is on saturday so he has a ton of questions on why we believe it is on
sunday and not saturday. Sometimes it turns into bible bashing but the last
lesson we had with him, he kind of put of aside and was interested to know
how we knew for sure that we were the true church. So it was a way cool
experience to bear testimony to him and hopefully the next visit we can
convert this Saturday worshipper!

Now on with the title BBQ wek haha so this past week our gas ran out for
our stove... And since we live out in the middle of nowhere we were to lazy
to walk to the closest place to get gas. Which is like a 30 minute walk. ya
wasn't happening. So we decided to cook like men for 4 days! hahaha here
are some pics on our little home make shift grill! Filipino style... That
is how we do it here in the homeland. Why not have some fun eh? That was
the highlight of my week. hahah I love life.

Ya folks that is all I got this week! nothing too special but still special
indeed! Everyday is a special day. Sometimes we forget that. Heck I think I
forget that everyday. But each day on the mission I realize how important
each day is. Way too special to take for granted. But that's life! we don't
realize it until we look back. But something that the mission has helped me
out with is just always looking forward. Things may happen that we don't
like and then things may happen that we wished never stopped. But it all
works out for the best. "The past is to be learned from, not lived in."
That includes the good memories. Sometimes we always wish it could be how
it was but we fail to realize how good it can be if we continue to move
forward. The light is close my friends. Keep chugging along. I love you all
and everyday I am thankful for you all. One day this will all be worth it.
Remember that. I leave you with a scripture. 2 Nephi 10:24. Until next time

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