Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 35 - Fun Week

Well folks!! Great week haha just living life here! A lot happened. good and some bad but let's not focus too much on the bad eh? but I will just update you on this week haha

So teaching wise was a decent week! We have had some struggles finding but the investigators that we do have are the bomb dot com! So that is jolly and fun. just tryna help them come closer to stepping into the lovely water and taking a swim. Bad news though there.... Our golden investigator is not looking so good :( She has to be married before she can be baptized and the husband has gone wacko and now does not wanna get married. It doesn't help that he is a member either... Just inactive for a century and a half... So this week we found out he doesn't wanna be married. It was a shot to the heart... And she didnt even go to church yesterday.. So that is kind of heartbreaking. Just hoping for the best for her. everyone has a right time right?

This week we were a little special and had the AP's come visit us and have exchanges with us on frid... That was fun! other than the fact that I had to go on exchanges with the ap's hahaha scared the living daylights outta me, but it helped out a ton and it was a blessing! There is a reason why they are the assistants to the president for sure. They do work! Still don't know really why they went on exchanges with me... It never happens just happens haha but that's life! just go with the flow i guess.

But ya that explains my week. Same old same old with some new in there. Just tryna enjoy myself! Heck only here as a missionary once, might as well live it up! this morning we decided to go hiking and check out some falls. The hike turned into a 30 min jeepney ride and about a 2 min hike hahah but the falls were awesome!! Had to think real hard if I wanted to jump in or not. I got really close. I sent a kid instead to do it for me. So that was my morning. enjoy the islands! but here is the bad news too. My pics wont show up on the comp!! and i have no clue why... So ya i had to steal these pics from our DL. i wanna send ya some more but they are lost in the abyss of my sd card somewhere. if i find them, i will let you know.

So there is the update peeps! nothing too special haha transfer week is next week and that will some up 18 weeks with my kid. 18 weeks.... a long time for sure but definitely a time that I  have learned a lot. Patience has been huge and just about pride and humbleness. Pride is the root of all evil, it destroys things! That is the reason Satan fell. because of his pride. We can't let it happen to us. It's hard definitely to let go of pride but as these past weeks have come and gone, it has gotten easier. Jesus is the prime example. He was a perfect being. He could have done whatever he pleased. But he gave it up and followed the will of the father for us. He showed us the way. Each day, I hope that i am becoming more like him. For he is the light, the truth and the way. I love you all friends and thank you for everything! Remember to enjoy the moment, even the hard ones. It will all be worth it. I leave you with scripture. Alma 7:23. Until next time we talk.


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