Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 68 - Continue Week

I really don't even know what to write.. This week was just a blur. The same old same old. Just trying to help people out every way we can. We are teaching some awesome people! And the lessons are legit. But when Sunday rolls around we put up some zeros across the board and can't get anyone to church. Which sucks! If they came to church, it would be a huge turning point on finding out this church is true... That is our biggest challenge right now.

Last night we had the coolest chance to listen to Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk to us! It was a Philippines Special broadcast and it was dope! His talk was unreal. Talked about the gospel culture and what it can do for the world if we just apply it and live it. Hit me deep. Just to see the things that I need to work on and apply better in my life. Been doing a lot of self check this week. Tryna see where i can improve. This gospel is awesome. It is all about change. Everyday we are given the chance to be better and with the gospel in our lives we are given the chance to draw closer to becoming more like the Savior. Until the day we are like him.

I love this gospel. I love this time I've been given to preach it. It has been hard for sure. But everyday I come happier than I ever have before. There is not much more that I would want right now. I love you all! Thanks for everything. Another week down.. I leave you with a scripture... Proverbs 29:25. Until next time family.

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