Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 85- Adjusting Week

"The Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish the impossible." Russell M. Nelson
Life is good! I got a new comp this transfer. E. Santos! he is from Tarlac, Philippines. he is a cool guy. We are slowly getting to know each other. Some big changes happened this past transfer so still adjusting to the change but its fun!
Work is doing well. Buddy the 70 year old professor is just progressing like none other. He will have his baptismal interview this week and then hopefully next week he will step into the waters and become a new man. So cool to see how much this gospel does for people. It has been awesome to see it in Buddy. He always just says that he feels so young because of this gospel. Nothing better!
Time is straight flying... Its March! kinda crazy.. sorry got no pics! in a different computer shop and dont trust it... There is always next week! Love you all. thanks for everything. I leave you with a scripture Moroni 7:31. Until next time folks.

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