Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 51 - Example Week

What a week! Nothing too big really happened, just a lot hit me this week and made me realize a lot.. So this may be like a lesson letter... I'm sorry!! just bear with me..

This week I learned how much our example has an influence on people.. More than we ever think! I guess it doesn't help that I grew up in Utah with people of the same beliefs around me but when i went to college and more here I have seen the influence of our example being followers of Jesus Christ. We have met a couple of people this week and we were just getting to know them and right when we said who were were it led to them saying "Oh, so and so is a member of your church, I don't think I could join a church with people like that." That was killer. To know that people don't listen because they see how members act and they don't see a difference or they see that they are setting the right example. It kinda hurt cuz I know I wasn't the best example growing up and I don't know how many people were effected by it badly... Makes me want to be better everday. You never know who is watching... But I have realized that your example is the best thing you can share with people. We have a light that cannot be hid. So don't be afraid to show it...

We picked up a golden family this week! super pumped to see how things go! it was even a referral! Member and missionary work at its finest. Other than that work is still tough but we are living! Everyday I am thankful for the things I have been learning. 

That basically sums up the week. on 4th of july I spent a lot of money on a burger... Dont know if it was work it! haha but all is well. I am loving life here. Learning to trust him more. Sometimes it is easy to take the credit for everything as a missionary. But I have learned that we don't really do that much. The lord is in control of his work. We have been really lucky to be entrusted with his children to bring them back to him. I have felt his hand in this work and I know for a fact we are his children. I know he loves us and he is doing everything he can to make sure we can live with him again. That is this gospel. That is the way. Easier said than done, but it is all possible through Jesus Christ. He is there for you, he is just waiting for you to go to him. So don't waste the chance. I love you all. miss you everyday! keep rocking it my friends.. I leave you with a scripture... 2 Timothy 2:3. Until next time family. 

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