Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 49 - New Companion Week

Hi peeps :) We meet again! The news is here, i got a new comp! and I will be living that poly life for a little longer. Got me another Somoan. He is a stud! hahah Just reminds me of home being comps with all these polys. His name is E. Sua, from the islands. So life has been a party with him! Let's just say this transfer is looking pretty good.

So transfer week is always a little different. On tuesday we went to Naga and for the first time in a long time, I was in a mall.. Nothing good happens when you go to a mall for the first time in a long time, you just end up spending money you shouldn't have spended... I had a waffle though! I love waffles. And it was cool to see all the other missionaries! That is what the pics are. Just some buddies I haven't seen in a while. Always a good time. Oh ya! On monday, got my one year package. It was huge!! That is what happens when your parents visit the country your visiting. and it was full of candy hahaha I may go into a sweet coma... But thanks parents :) I loved it! I just couldnt believe how big it was.. Even got some old spice! My apartments mates are in love with it. haha we walk around just smelling like sunshine, palm trees, and freedom. Nothing better.

Work wise has been ok! Still a struggle. With our area being so far, it is tough to get people to church and the ones that come to church are eternal investigators.. All because they aren't married yet haha the struggle of marriage! Just get married... but patience is key! at least we can get them to church. One day they will be baptized and that is all we need. But sooner is always better than later!

This branch is awesome. We were fed a million times again. I am gaining weight again... Not liking it, i cant go back to that blob i was before hahah i was HUGE! So this week will be joggin week. If i can get the motivation to do it. Or just walk faster. Who knows we will see what happens. But this branch! They are getting more missionary focused everyday. It helps having 10 RM's here so we can get them to work, but now we are focusing with the other and hopefully we start getting the work even more progressing. The work is always more easier with members.

I have learned on the mission that truly anything is possible. And change can happen to anyone. It is crazy to see people who used to be something and then go to the complete opposite. That is what this gospel does. It is all about change. All about becoming like our Heavenly Father. I know I am still a long ways away from that but I know each day I get the chance to become closer to that goal. And it wouldn't be possible without Jesus Christ. Each day I am more grateful for what he did. The fact that he gave up his life just so I can return with him just blows my mind. And each day I hope I am doing what he needs me to do.

Well folks that is all I got. I know long emails are tough to read haha the good things are usually in the pics.. But just know I love you all. And I am grateful for you all. I know that Heavenly Father loves us too. He is there for you. Even when you feel like he isn't, he is. I know that Jesus lives. I know that this is his gospel and his church. If you want to know for yourself, just ask him. He will tell you all... I leave you with a scripture. Alma 5:44. Until next time my friends.

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