Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week 48 - Singing Week

What up my people! We are here again. Another week. Just like that. Life is good. Happy Father's day! don't know where would I would be without my father. my earthly one and my heavenly one. love them. So happy Father's day paps! but Some news, is that I get a new comp tomorrow. My poly homie is transfering. It has been a blast ot be his comp. Hard but we have some fun haha I will be here in Iriga for at least one more transfer. Let the fun begin! I love this place. Even though work is still having some struggles, progress will come. Slowly but surely! I'll take it. Let's get started eh?

Work is coming along... This week was a struggle. We got broken up with. That is what we call it when an investigator drop us haha. She broke it with us. I don't know what is worse. Having a girlfriend break up with you or an investigator... Just may be the missionary in me but it straight sucks. Especially the ones that are golden. Happened too many times. But all is well! The lord has a plan for his children. I felt it with her. I felt the calmness that everything would be ok. So trust has been key in this break up. Better things await. Keep chuggin' along.

We have been doing a lot of finding still. Still searching.. Being broken up with took a toll but left us with a lot of time to find! We have some potentials, a couple families but only time will tell. Everyday I just want to be the missionary these people deserve. Sometimes I feel short, other times I feel like I'm doing ok. It's life. But I know one thing, The Lord is always there each step. And that is all that matters. The mission has helped me realize how loving our Heavenly Father is. All he wants is for us to return to him. We can't unless we are perfect. So he gives us every opportunity to become perfect, to become like him. One day we can be like him. So every opportunity is key. Time is quickly passing by.

We had some fun though this week! Even with the struggles we had some laughs! It has been a blast with E. Lam Cheung. He my poly bruddah haha We have been fed a lot too! like the past 4 nights since they found out we had a transfer coming up. I love it! Cept I feel the weight coming back... I love food way too much. Oh ya! This week we also sang in the choir for our district conference. haha almost forgot to mention that. That was fun! I still suck at singing. But it was fun. Great bonding time with the members. So ya! we had choir practice three times this week haha took up some time but we had some fun.

That is basically the week folks. I'm slowly learning. Slowly becoming the man I need to be. It hasn't been easy, but I have love every step. I have felt his love. I have felt his comfort. And i hope you all feel it too. Don't forget he loves you. The path won't always be a walk in the park. But the hard times are always the best ones to remember. Crazy to think how much has changed in a year. I know this church is Jesus Christ's Church, and I know we can return back to him. The Book of Mormon will tell us how. Read it! Make it your life and you will see why. I love you all. I leave you with a scripture. Alma 42:31. Until next time family.

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