Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 22- Progress Week

Another week is here my friends! Hope all of you are doing great! Life is good here in the good ole motherland. Just taking life a day at a time and just living! What else can ya do? Well try to get you updated on this week, don't have a ton of time but let's do this!

So huge progessing week! The area is doing awesome and I feel so blessed. Not getting punted as much! and we are picking up some sick new investigators so life is just good with work! We picked up a sick family inv and they got huge potenialHopefully we can help these people out and just help them realize the awesomeness the gospel is. Only time will tell! But it has been awesome to see the people progressing and finally wanted to listen to the gospel. Patience is key! Who would have thought haha

Oh ya i just remembered!!!! Probably the best news ever, CAFFIENE IS NO LONGER AGAINST THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha Cahooo!!! When I found out you know I bought an ice cold coke and just had a hay day. So life is good my friends :) I can finally have a coke and a mountain dew. The problem is there is no Dr. Pepper here and that sucks. But I got coke! Life is a party :)

So ya! that is the week my folks :) just living it a day at a time and just making the most of what we got! that is all we can do right? The pics! so my comp caught this cool lizard hahaha and he named it after me! i felt like such a proud daddy. So there is a pic of him and me! finn jr. then this cat is at one of our investigators house and just always chills with me! he is my homie and we rock this place. Well peeps that is all I got! I hope you are all just loving life! Christmas is coming up!! Remember what it means. enjoy the time with the family, enjoy life and don't worry. it will all work out! I leave you with a scripture. Jacob 4:7. Until next time my friends.


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