Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Week 23 - Naga Week

My People!! What is going on? Just first want to say Merry Merry Christmas
to you all! Crazy to think we are already here to another Christmas. Time
truly does fly by. Don't take the little moments for granted! Especially a
time like this. I hope all of you enjoy the time with family, friends, or
wherever you may be! Man it is a great time of year :) Great week my peeps,
I hope I can tell you all! So let's get started...

Well this week was Naga week! On Wednesday we had to hit up the good ole
city for a workshop for my little boy Elder Buenafe. That was a party! It
was more for him because he got to see his batch mates and it was just like
Christmas for the little guy :) Everytime I go to Naga though, which isn't
a lot! I realize how different the city is and I like freak out. haha there
are tons and tons of people! And cars! It is so weird haha living here in
the provence, all I see are rice fields, caribous and the occasional tricy.
The city is a totally different story! Never thought it would be that way
but that is just the way the cookie crumbles. I miss a good ole homemade
choco cookie by the way... but ya! that was Wednesday haha then Thursday we
had our Mission Christmas Party. Cahoooo!!! haha such a blast 198
missionaries in one place to have some fun. Let's just saw we partied it
up. The way missionaries do! haha We even got to watch Johnny Linngo! So
good to finally watch something other than the District.. The struggle of
missionaries! but ya the mission party was a blast! had some talents, got
some gifts, watched some movies and just chilled with other people serving
the lord! now that is a Christmas :)

So since we were in Naga for two days, we did not get that much work in.
But all is well! We also had our Branch Christmas Party on Saturday and
that was great because we had some invs and Less actives show up! hahaha
just a party week for sure :) The branch party was awesome and just a great
way to get closer to the people and help them just relax!

So ya my homies, that was the week! Life is good! It's Christmas! I hope we
all remember the true meaning of Christmas this year. Until now, I don't
think I really did. But this was the start of the greatest gift we could
recieve as people here on Earth. Our father in heaven loved us so much that
he gave us his son so we could all live with him again. So how grateful are
we for this precious gift? I know I don't always show my gratitude to him,
but I hope that this christmas I can do that for him. I hope we all can. So
let us give a little more than we recieve this year. Let us be thankful for
the things we have instead of thinking about what we don't have. I am
grateful for all of you and the support you continually give me. I feel the
love and the care you all have for me and that is something I will never
forget. Enjoy this wonderful time of year my friends. Wherever you may be
celebrating, remember that you are never alone. We have been given the
greatest gift of all and that is a gift that will never go away. He is
there waiting for you to accept it. I love you all and wish you a very
Merry Christmas. I leave you with a scripture Isaiah 41:13. I love you all.
Until next time my friends.

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