Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 12 - I Made it!

Well my friends, I made it. I made it past training! hahaha I am so pumped
right now!! This week was another evaluation week which was just what I
needed for the upcoming transfer. My comp is being transferred and I get to
stay in my first area for another transfer. I am so pumped to do some work
and the progression here is unreal. Not a lot happened this week but I will
keep you all updated. So enjoy my homies!

So this week was just another normal week! Nothing really special that
stood out. We knew that my comp would be transferred so it was kind of a
goodbye week. haha he has been in this area for 7 and a half months so his
relationships with the members so it was just visits galore. But we
finally, finally had our first lunch or dinner appoitnment! Bout time! It
just happened and it was just a little but I am still counting it! the
advantages of being in an area for so long :) So ya that was probably the
most exciting thing that happened this week. But it was still a good week!

That is really all I can think of for this email haha I am sorry folks. But
life is a party! New comp tomorrow and the rest of the mission continues. I
really needed these two weeks to just think back and remember what I am
really out here for. Now it is time to put it to work. Love you my friends
and thank you for all that you do. Keep partying and remember life is a
struggle but that is what makes it fun. I leave you with a scripture. 2
Corinthians 12:9-10. Until next time peeps.

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