Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 14 - Party Week

My friends! Another week here and gone. Man time is flying by! As usual this week was a week full of challenges but still a good week. life is just what you make of it right? Helps when you have a lot of time to think and reflect what life is all about. Another week of reflecting and working of course! That is all you need for a good life so enjoy the week of Elder Finneman :)

So this week was a party! haha Literally. Sister Redline, a sister serving in our branch, had her birthday On Tuesday. and we decided to throw her a surprise party! Just call me the pro party planner. So she thought she was going to teach a lesson but it was just a lesson to a cake hahaha so sick, so much fun too! so ya that is the party part.

This week was filled with adventures too. We have been working really hard to bring this family back to church, the Jardin Family. They are all members but less active. So monday we had a FHE at there house but couldn't have a lot of people. The picture with me and the two girls is there house. It is on stilts on top of a river and everytime I go there I am scared that it will fall. They are such a great family though and the progession with them has been awesome. But the adventure part with them! So we went to teach them one day and it just got done raining. So when it rains is when the water rises and no more ground! so we went there and the water hadn't risen yet but I had a feeling it would. So we took off our shoes and I told my comp not to put his shoes on the ground but he said "The water won't rise, don't worry." hahaha big mistake! a little later we hear one of the girls asked where our shoes were and we told them they were outside. We went out and found out that his shoes were missing. Straight taken by the water! hahahaha so funny. I told him. So we went shoe searching. About 30 min after we finally found it. It about waist deep of water. The sucky part is I took no pics but still a party for sure. hahahaha gotta love it.

This week i also realized how awesome the little things are in life, and how much we take them for granted. I remember walking this week and I saw two kids just playing in a little tub with some water in it. But to them it was everything and they were just having the time of their lives. Just made me stop and think. That is how we should be as people. Everytime in the scriptures it says become a little child and I don't think I fully realized it until this week. Being a little child is not being childish but enjoying what you have and making the most of what you have. Being grateful for the little things in life because to the Lord those are the biggest blessings. 

That is all I got folks. Life is good in the neighborhood and as usual a party! I hope all of you are doing awesome and I just want to thank you all for all that you do for me. Keep partying my friends.I leave you with a scripture. Helaman 7:29. Until next time my friends. 


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