Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 15 Mission Tour

My fellow friends of awesomeness. How is life? You know me, just living life here in the good ole mission of Naga! haha I am struggling with these weekly emails. So much happens and I just get too lazy to right. So bare with me peeps! I will do my best to tell you all. What a week. A great one! Let's hope for the best huh?

So this week was Mission Tour week. Elder Ardern who is a member of the Seventy that is assigned here for the Philippines. Had no clue that man was from New Zealand. But he was sick! Great experience. Learned a lot and realized still got work to do as a missionary. But realized how special it is to be on a mission. Just a great day really. It was awesome! I suck at explaining all of it just know that I had an awesome time :) A couple of pics here are from the mission tour. One of the fam bam of the mission. and the other with Elder Andersen. His dad and my dad served together. Just one big happy family here :)  

The biggest story of the week though probably is that we had baptisms on saturday!! Party party! haha One for us and 3 for the sister missionaries. Man the sisters do work. But our baptism was our golden investigator and it was so sick to finally have him baptism. Truly a blessing! Then the three for the sisters. 3!!!!! Geezo the sisters are like the top guns of missions. It is crazy. But it was awesome to just see so many people take the necessary steps in order to return back home. Even a bigger blessing to be trusted by the lord so much to be apart of it. So there are a couple of pics there.

Then today we decided to wake up early for pday and since we got a beach just chilling next to us we decided to jog to it and catch the sunrise. SO SICK. woke up so early but so worth it. Man truly the little things are the ones that matter in this life, don't forget that! There is a reason for everything and even when we don't know the reason just know that everything happens the way it is suppose to happen. Control the things you can control and the Lord will take care of the rest. mahal ko kayo mga kapatid. Miss you all everyday and can't wait till we are all back together in the presence of our father. Until then, I leave you all with a scripture Enos 1:27. Until next time mga kapatid


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