Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 17 - Bagyo Week

My fellow awesome people. Just wanted to start off by saying all is well here! I am doing ok, and I just wanted to thank you all for checking up to see if I was ok. Truly means the world. Everything is good in the Naga mission, but a struggle in Tacloban. So just remember those people and let's wish them the best. So this week was not too exciting cept for this storm so I will just try to update you on what I know!

So ya a huge typhoon hit and that meant no going out to work! Which means being stuck in the apartment all day so ya that basically somes up this week haha. We have been working a ton with Less Actives here in the area and it is just been a huge challenge. But all is well! The slow and steady progression is what we are all about here! All we need is progress right? :) So ya that is basically this week! Hopefully this next week we can pick up some new investigators and continue to progress in this area. 

This morning we had a zone activity and that was a party! all about that beach life!! so ya that was a fun. So there is a pic from that. Another pic is from our are and it is kind of flooded so ya we just living here! Oh ya, The sisters had another baptism this week so they just do work here, no big deal. Got another pic of that here! They do wonders it is unreal. And the other pic I completely forgot haha so ya there it is folks! I leave you with a scripture. Mosiah 23:11. Until next time my friends


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