Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 13 - Transfer Week

Well my friends, I got a new comp! Elder Tulipaz from Bacolod! He is in my batch which means that he hit the field the same time as me so we are both new! And I get the pleasure of being senior. Which is not a big deal but I have to lead the area and that is about as easy as walking on hot coals haha but ya new comp same area! 

This week was really busy with transfer day and Gen Conf so not a ton of work this week. So that kind of sucked. But life is still good! Oh ya we also had a bagyo hit here so we couldn't go out for a couple days. More thinking haha which helped me out of course! But it just got boring sitting at home all the time and I just wanted to get out and do something. 

Then we had Gen Conf and that just hit the spot! Hit me right in the feels. The talks were just what I needed and I know that is what everyone says so it just amazes me how one talk means something else to so many people. Just a personal testament that those big guns are called of God. No other explanation really. So ya Conf was a blast and just what a missionary needs when the times get tough. 

Lessons this week were decent. The members were really attached to Elder Manaios so it is a little tough with the members because all they say is that they miss them, sometimes even our inv say that haha but all is well. Our golden inv is just prime! he was supposed to have his baptism this week but because there was Gen Conf we had to push it back two weeks because we got Stake Conf next week. What are the odds! But he was way disappointed and he is just ready to do what he needs to do to return to Heavenly Father. But the best lesson goes to the Jardin Fam. They are less active and life is really a struggle for them. Walking into their house everytime is maybe the most humbling thing for me. But I don't really remember what we taught to them I just remembered what I felt. Man did the spirit do work. It was crazy! Unexplainable really and just an answer to so many prayers. Never doubt the power of the Holy Ghost. That man does work and without him it is impossible! 

That is the week folks! really just busy and a lot of thinking again! but I am pumped for this transfer and just ready to do some work with my new comp and of course the big man the Holy Ghost. Life is good my people and I just want to thank you all for the prayers and the constant support. Wouldn't be here without you. The pics are me and my new comp and the farewell party for my old comp. Mahal ko kayo. I leave you with a scripture my friends. 3 Nephi 5:13. Until Next Time my friends.

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