Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 28 - Milestone Week

Man o man what a week! hahaha I cannot wait to update you peeps on this week. It was a tough one. but way worth it! But how are you guys doing? the cold continues here and it is something else! The other missionaries in my apartment are freaking out cuz it is so cold hahaha the Filipino life. But let's just get you updated on this week.

So it was a baptism week! And we had it in a flippin river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A RIVER BAPTISM... hahaha I am still so pumped about it. It was unbelievable. So ya, I am just living haha but it was awesome because it was also my kid's first baptism on the mish! so it truly was a milestone day. Even though this girl was prepared like crazy! Everyone thought she was a member but in reality she was never baptized haha so we taught her and just got the baptism scheduled. Telling ya these people come prepared. I feel like we don't do much as missionaries haha we just set it all up and let the rest take care of itself. It is a great feeling. Testament this is the lord's work!

 But leading up to the baptism was just hectic. The river thing was a last minute thing because we didn't have a jeepney to hit up the church. We only have a meeting house in the good ole san roque. So we called the person getting baptized and asked if she wanted to do it in a river cuz we got a lot of those around and she said why not! haha so we had to texted and call all the members and let them know the change of plans. Get to the church for the program and just as we are about to leave a jeepney shows up... The struggle! but we couldnt head to the church cuz the font was filled and this jeepney is just chilling there. so we just decided to take it to the river! and the rest is history. Seriously it was the coolest thing ever. Even though it was at the river, the spirit was so strong and it was just an awesome experience. Life is good in the homeland. so there are some pics of the river and where we had it!

 Teaching wise has been decent, dropped a few inv but all is well! Just gotta keep moving forward. But truly, it has been a great week. Since i am the only english speaking in the house too all the other pinoys wanna learn english hahahaha so that has been fun trying to teach them english. Cept i suck at english and add the fact that i still have not had an american comp or housemate. So that just makes my english worse hahaha so we just have fun there. 

Well folks that is basically the week! Time is straight flying by and I dont know where it is going. Still mindblowing to me sometimes that I am old enough to be out on a mish! but I wouldn't have it any other way. I realized how truly lucky we are to be where we are and to know the things we know. I know that we have a loving savior that died for us. I always knew it but just know I actually realize what it truly means. He died for us so we could gain eternal life. He gave up everything just to help us. So what am I willing to do for him? Deep stuff that finally hit me. Hopefully I am doing enough for him. So I leave you with that my friends. He died for you. He died so you could return home. What are you willing to do for him? I love you all. I leave you with a scripture. 3 Nephi 11:11. Until next time my fellow mga kapatid. 


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