Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 25 - New Year Week

Happy new year my friends! it is 2014... That is something else! haha I cannot believe that it is 2014 already. But we here and we partying my friends! I hope that this year treats you all well. It's the time to become the person you want and need to become! But just take it a week at a time or in this case an email at a time haha well let's get you all updated on the first week of 2014.

Let's see... This week was Transfer week! We had no transfers in our comp since i still have a kid and gotta train the little guy, but the other elders in our hourse did! So the american left and now we got another filipino in the house. that makes 3 and 3/4 filipino and 14/ american in our house. hahaha hopefully you guys get that. but ya! So we just living the straight pinoy life over here in San Roque. Just doing things here in the homeland with the homies! life is a party :) 

But work wise! Man it was a great week work wise! The most lessons we have actually had while we opened up this area! Now it isn't a lot compared to others but it was a lot for us! haha and I was just super pumped that we didn't get punted so much. So I am just one happy camper! Plus we found some pretty sick new investigators. so that is just like the perfect work week! and I got my christmas package with a ton of candy so I feel I have had christmas for about two week now hahaha i love it!! But ya that is the work here. we just working and eating and laughing and partying! Don't really know what else we can do. Well probably baptize but we are getting there! hopefully we got one coming up by the end of this month.. Let's hope they come to church!!

So ya I keep forgetting it is a new year which means new years eve which means craziness. Let's just say Filipinos know how to light fireworks! But when you live in a small barangay like me you don't see any! so that was my new years eve. But that is the struggle right? let's see what else? 

oh ya I guess I should explain these pics. So one of them is our new investigators house. it is straight in the middle of a rice field hahaha and the first time we went there i fell... and i lost my shoe and i was covered in mud. So there are some pics of her house and my shoe missing and just me living it up! She is so sick by the way. She is GOLDEN! Seriously, we taught her and it was actually her teaching us about the restoration. haha i was so shell shocked that i couldnt speak for straight five minutes. Telling ya way too blessing coming our way right now. what else? just some i think of the Farewell party for the american when he left. ya my hair got destroyed in my haircut so i look that whats his face from jersey shore. the struggle... but i got it fixed a little! but i think that is it on pics, I forgot. 

So that is the week my friends! It has been a great one and I have realized a lot. I realize that time flies by. I realize that nothing ever goes the way you plan but it always works out. and I realized that no matter what happens, we can always move forward. That is what this gospel is all about. Moving forward and returning home. Yes, we all make mistakes and sometimes stumble but because we have a loving father who gave us his son, we have the chance to always move forward and move on from the past. That is what life is all about. Moving forward and becoming the people we were meant to be. And it is all possible because we have this gospel. So here is to 2014 peeps. Let's just make the most of this life and continue to move forward! Let the good times roll :) love you all and can't thank you enough for all that you do. I leave you with a scripture. 

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