Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 26 - Blessing Week

Another week is here! How are you all doing?! Life here in the homeland is
just life! hahaha we just living! But really it has been a great week. A
huge blessing week. And I could not be happier! Yes, it is still tough but
now it's a tough that ain't too tough. That is life! It is a struggle but a
good one. Let's get you updated huh?

Teaching wise it has just been like a week full of blessings! We have
been picking up a ton of new investigators and they are all progressing. It
is like a spiritual high! Seriously it is a party. The best is when you
walk into a lesson and you don't even have to teach! The spirit does the
work and the investigators do the talking. haha makes life a lot easier.
That is how is it with our golden puppy of an investigator! the one that
lives in the middle of the rice fields and it is a straight up adventure to
get to. So we gave her a BoM and in two days she read up to 2 Nephi. Then
she gave us the whole story of what happened in 1 Nephi. I was just
speechless hahaha it was so awesome! She went in detail too! I actually
learned some things i didn't even know it there. So it was just crazy. I
seriously love teaching her -- probably because we don't do the teaching she does
it. But either way works! The student has now become the master!

So to sum up this week! It has been a blur but each day has just
been awesome teaching wise. Way too many blessings and I am so grateful
really that the lord trusts me enough with it. So we are just going to keep on moving
forward and hopefully help these people out!

So I guess I will explain the pictures this time because I have not done a good job at
explaining them before. Let's see we took some pictures of the sunset! Our
area is in the depths of the mountains and we just caught
this awesome sunset!! The color was unreal and I wish you could all see it
live. Hopefully the picture will do it justice. But ya! it was relaxing and
awesome to see that.  What else? oh  ya! We got like a million rivers we got
to cross and there are some of us crossing it! I want to swim in it so so
so bad hahaha cuz it is like a million degrees and the water is perfect and
crystal clear and it is so tempting. one day... one day... and another one
is just some of us elders posing it up behind this huge broom!! hahaha we
all about that model life. So ya i think that is all the pics!

Well my friends that is all I got this week. God is good my friends. He is
real and he is good. We are so blessed to have such a loving father. I have
felt his love and I now know for a fact he loves us. I think that is the
greatest blessing of all. That he loves us. Now all we have to do is show our
love to him. All that is possible through this gospel. I love  you all my
friends and I cannot thank you enough for all that you do for me. You guys
rock! But seriously I owe you all my life. I wish you all a good week and I
leave you with a scripture. Ether 12:41. Until next time people of my


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