Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 27 - Coldness Week

Well my friends, here we are with another week of emailing! I swear time
just speeds by the older you are. I swear I just started my mission! I keep
telling everyone that I have only been out for 4 months. I don't even
remember how long I have been out hahaha the struggle! But the days just
mesh all together and even though it may be hard, I am straight loving it
here. The mission life is where it is at! But let's just get you updated on
this week.

So this week was straight freezing! Well freezing for people here in the
Philippines haha But really it was so cold. And the fact that we only have
cold showers does not help! And i haven't seen the sun for a week, which is
like impossible here in the homeland i swear. but it happened! And this is
the first time it has been cold. I miss sleeping in the cold so bad... So
this week was so hard not to get up adn just sleep all day. But I didn't!
the problem was all of our investigators did so teaching this week so hard
hahaha when it is cold here all people wanna do is sleep and stay inside! I
didn't think it was possible to be the only people outside in a barangay
but that happened so many times this week it was unreal. Seriously, I was
so shocked on how quiet it was! That just doesn't happen here. So that has
been my week teaching wise. The struggle! and the fact we didn't get to
teach our golden investigator cuz of the rain sucked! the struggle is still

But life is still good! It gets easier. The mission is definitely the
hardest thing I have ever done. no doubt. but I love it. I have learned
things i prolly could not have learned if i didn't go through it. So for
that i am so grateful for this time to serve. Wouldn't want it any other
way. I heard the best quote this week past week too. "They key to know God
is to struggle." So true. These are the times we actually get to know who
truly is our father in heaven. So I leave you with this my friends. Embrace
the struggle... Make it your friend. It will have to end someday and you
will be better because of it. So enjoy the ride and just embrace the
struggle. I love you all very much. Seriously, I have been blessed way too
much. and I owe it all to you. Take care peeps. I leave you with a
scripture. Moroni 9:25. Until next time my friends.

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