Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 6 - Birthday Week

My People!! Welcome the one and only 19 year old me! Birthday week was a success! Great week with some challenges but that is what makes life good right?! Just want to say thank you to all for the wishes, means a lot. Well let's get started!

Last time we talked, I mentioned we had a FHE planned at a less active's
house.  Straight success! It was a blast.  It feels so long ago so I am
having a hard time remembering what all happened but I loved it. FHE here
is literally a party. Games food and just a good time. What more do you
need?! But it helps out so much with members, especially here since we only
have a branch. So we have been working hard to get the members involved in
this work. and the plan is working!

This was the last week that Ace is going to work with us as he leaves on
his own adventure this week to Angeles! We are going to miss him tons as he
was the only priesthood member that came with us to teach, but I am so
pumped for him to start serving there. But we are definitely going to
suffer with lessons now. He is one of three priesthood holders in our
branch! so our goal is just to starting converting all the men in this
small town. So far, not so good! we mostly teach families where the dad
doesn't want any of it. The Struggle people! but the Lord prepares a way
and at least we are teaching!

Teaching wise it was a good week! only bad thing is we had to drop a family
investigator because of the tatay (Dad). So that was heartbreaking because they were
progressing big time. But the Lord knows all and sometimes time is needed!
so the search continues my friends and tune in next week to see how it goes.

Ok so I guess I should update you on how the birthday went.... It was
awesome!! Feels weird that say that I am now 19. I still feel like 17. The
members decided to throw me a party and a farewell for Ace on Saturday so
that was a blast! In the morning we went to a different area and had a one
day mission with the missionaries there! so fun. We went with some RM's and
it was crazy how good they were at teaching! It helped me realize I have a
lot to learn and just made me that much more pumped to realize that I could
be there someday! Just gotta keep working. After the one day mission, we
went to the chapel and partied it up! I felt so blessed that the members
did that for me, but it was also so sick for Ace too! So I definitely had a
great birthday.

Now the blessing of the week! So we have been teaching a part member
family. The Madayag Family. The nanay(Mom) is less active and her kids are all
non-members.  The tatay(father) died about a year ago so it has been tough on the
family. So the past 4 weeks we have been teaching them about the Plan of
Salvation and about temple sealings.  The nanay did not really know about
it and was wanting to know more. We said it was all possible if the kids
would be baptized and in a year they could go to the temple and perform the
ordinances. But the kids don't want any of it! and they haven't been to
church since the death so it is tough to make progress.  All that change
during birthday week! The best gift ever!! During teachings this week, the
kids finally started asking questions and were involved and yesterday, they
finally went to church!!! WAHOO!!!!! Me and Elder Manaois we jumping for
joy. Even the lord gave me a present! Testimony builder right there peeps.

So even though it was a tough week, it was such a blessing! Life is good my
friends and I am just enjoying the ride. oh ya the pics!! so some are of
the birthday party, sorry I forgot what order I put all these down haha but
then another of me carrying someone is a cool story. so one of the members
had surgery on his foot about 2 months ago so he like hops around
everywhere. well after FHE there were no tricycles and he lives pretty far
away! so I decided to carry him until we found a tricycle. It is crazy how
light filipinos are! He was like 100 pounds so it was way easy and just a
party! the other pics are just me crossing this muddy place and not wanting
to get dirty so I went the way of Tarzan and through the trees. I am still
living so I survived!

That is all from birthday week peeps, hope you enjoyed the letter! Thank
you again for all the wishes. I am truly blessed with great people in my
life. Have a good week my fellow people! This week is the beginning of
Christmas here in the Philippines so Merry Christmas!! Love you all and I
wish you glorious week! Party Hard my friends! Mahal ko kayo! I leave you
with a scripture. Alma 29:9. Until Next time homies.

Elder Kyle Finneman

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