Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 7 Tranfer/Open Area

People of my email! I welcome to this week of... Elder Finneman's
Adventures! Glad you could join me for a great week and I will do what I
can to keep you updated and let you all know of the week that I had! So
here we go.

So the beginning of this week was a huge struggle! We didn't have Ace with
us because he left for the mission, so teaching was nearly impossible
because most of our investigators are new and for some reason are nanay's (mothers) or kids who
are girls. Doesn't help that we have about 3 active priesthood holders
haha. So we made a goal to focus on re-activating priesthood but failed
miserably. The lord works in mysterious ways my friends.  Ok I lost my
train of thought because just had a brown out so bare with me peeps!

Oh ya, how the Lord works! so Tuesday we struggled with lessons because of
no priesthood and we were really worried that the whole week would be a
struggle as well. Then Wednesday hit. In the afternoon we got the craziest
news ever. We were going to add sisters in our area! COMPLETE SURPRISE.  We
had no clue that the apartment had been cleared and it shocked us. But the
lord knows people! All of our investigators were being prepared for the
sisters and we had no clue. It was such a blessing to see how the lord
prepares the way for his children to hear the gospel.

So this week was a lot of just helping the sisters with the area! They are
taking our whole area and we get to open a new area. YAY!! I am way excited
to open an area but way scared because since we did not know the sisters
were coming, we did absolutely NO preparation in the new area for teaching
pool. So the next few weeks are going to be a challenge but a fun one. And
the fact that we now get to work in an area that is freaking a mile away
from anything will be a joy. the walking begins! If I don't come home
skinny, I will freak the freak out. That is how much walking we will be
doing. So wish me luck! But I am so excited to start and so pumped to have
sisters in the area now. I should probably tell you guys there names.
Sister Adkins and Sister Redline! They are awesome. Huge blessing of the week
just to see how much the Lord knows. He knows all my friends!

Now the pics, I forgot the order because of the brown out so bare with me
haha but the first one I believe is just some of the elders in the zone
this morning after some b ball! freaking blast. Got a great zone. I have
also receive many concerns about the hair. The beast has finally been tamed
peeps! It got cut. Pics to follow next week. another pic is me eating some
sugar cane! so sick. it is so good too! so there is a pic of me with a
whole sugar cane. I am the King of sugar canes now. oh ya the other one! ok
those are all bees! CRAZY!!! We found it yesterday on that branch right
about a house we were tracting. I wanted to throw a rock at it so bad but I
know even I couldn't outrun it. Even though I got blazing speed :)

That is all I got this week folks, thanks for tuning in! Hope this week
treats you all well, and I really appreciate the individual emails.  Keep
rocking it my friends and remember the Lord is on your side! If not I feel
bad for you son. See you all on the other side and I leave you with a
scripture. Alma 27:36-37. Mahal ko kayo.

Elder Kyle Finneman

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