Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 9 - No Title

So I really couldn't think of a title this week so this was my next best one! A good week, busy busy with some struggles of course. But still one filled with more blessings than a guy like me deserves. Hope you guys enjoy another week of excitement!

Let's see... So last monday, had another FHE! This time at Ivy's house just after her baptism. Of course it was a party! Tuesday was interviews with President Reeder! The best thing about this day was I finally found out how much I weigh now. Which is scary for me but it had to be checked!! and the final verdict blew my mind. I lost 15 pounds. WAHOO!!!! haha this is a big deal for me because I was straight HUGE in the MTC. The islands change you people. Let's hope and pray I lose more or at least don't gain more. But I was jumping for joy after the news of losing that much. Life is good :)

Teaching wise it was a struggle this week. Not a lot of lessons because of interviews and on Wednesday we had exchanges. I got to go to Daet which is the closest thing we have to a city in my area. A straight party! Taught some really cool people and a change of scenery was what I needed. I just failed to take some pics of the fun I had. haha oops. But in our area we don't really have any investigators. So we do a ton of walking and tracting. No wonder I have lost 15 pounds. So that is life of lessons here!

Huge blessing though. One of our investigators, Tatay Nani. He is 76 years old and his tagalog is the deepest tagalog ever, I swear. I barely understand the dude! But man, has he been prepared by the lord. He has gone to church twice now and everytime we teach him it is like a review for him. He just accepts it all and always says " Of course it should be like that." GOLDEN!! So yesterday we committed him to a baptismal date and said "You guys have the right authority, why not?" Straight prepared by the Lord! even though I struggle understanding his super super deep language but the spirit is always there and I have learned that is all you need in lessons. I felt like I didn't do anything! The lord prepares a way my friends.

Now the cool experiences of the week. So last p-day I left my usb cord for my camera at the computer shop. The struggle. So I thought I wouldn't be able to send you all some sweet pics! but I found it and life is good. Saw my first chicken fight this week! haha they were going ham on each other. Let's see what else? I am struggling remember everything that happened this week. This email is just a bunch of randomness, I'm sorry folks! oh ya, yesterday at church, I had to give a talk! Found out 20 min before sacrament started. but no big deal second one wasn't nervous. but this is where it gets interesting. I walk into priesthood a little late and they make me teach! what the heck?! So I had to teach priesthood without knowing what to teach and having to teach with the high councilor there in a language I barely know. The freaking struggle haha but it wen alright! I think... and hope. I just remember always looking at my watch and wondering when this will end! So there is my struggles of the week.

Oh the pics! so one is FHE another is me trying to climb a tree hahaha oh was that tough. and other just me next to a river that is our area! that is all I got this week.

That is all I got this week my people, I am struggling remembering all that happened! It was a struggle but you gotta have the struggles to enjoy the good ones. If you do what you are supposed to do, the lord will take care of the rest and that is all that matters in life. Keep Partying my friends and enjoying the days you have. Time goes way to quick to worry about the small things. I wish you all the best! and I leave you with a scripture. D&C 78:17-18. Until next time my friends.

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