Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 8

My people!! Whew great week, challenging but so many blessings! I struggle remembering what all happens in each week but I will try my best to let you all know how it is here in the land of my people.
So brown out week. we had 7 this week! oh it sucked haha most at night so it was just burning while sleeping. The struggle continues my friends, but I survived so all is well! Last Monday we had a FHE and it was a blast! before we started of course there was a brown out but all is well it did not stop the power of FHE. FHE are like just straight parties here. Spiritual, games and food. What more do you need in life?!
The members in this branch are awesome too! The progession is unreal with how much they have been helping the missionaries. Ever since the addition of the sisters we have seen the growth of missionary work. Members are now joining the sisters and helping them find people to teach. We have gained loads of referrals and it has been a huge blessing. It feels like family here and I love it. The members are great with language too. They always help me and just make life that much easier. So hopefully after our work is done, we can make this wonderful place a ward and then hopefully a stake. KG said it best. Anything is possible!
This week was also the first week of having a baptism! Man, it is something special to see someone step into the waters and begin their new life. Even though she is only 13 it was amazing to be apart of it. I was lucky enough to perform the baptism and I was way nervous. So nervous I messed up the words!! What are the odds.... haha really the struggle is still real people. I felt so bad because after the first time you could just see the smile on her face and the spirit was so strong. And no one said anything until everyone was inside and the 2nd counselor came up to me and asked "did you mess up the words?" Ah!!! So we did it again but it was just a huge blessing to be apart of. Even though I messed up. But it is ok because messing up is what makes the ride enjoyable.
Pics now! I totally forgot what pictures I put up. I know one is from FHE and another from the baptism! That is my home skillet Ivy getting baptized. I think another is with the all girls, they used to be our investigators but we handed them over to the sisters. The mom is less active but has come to church for two weeks and now the kids all have a baptismal date! So the lords does work my friends. There goal is to be sealed in the temple because the husband passed away. Huge blessing to see their progession. A mission is just amazing! I forgot the rest of the pics so just good luck guessing what happened! haha sorry!
Ok my mind is blank on what else happened this week... But it was a good one!  It is tough teaching since we have no teaching pool but I know the lord will lead us to the people he needs us to teach. Like my boy George Micheal said, "I gotta have faith, faith faith!" Stay classy peeps. Hope last week was good and I hope you have a better one this week. I leave you with a scripture. Messed up last weeks so I leave you with two. it truly was the week of mess ups!! Alma 37:36-37 D&C 24:8. Until Next time my friends. 

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