Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 10 - Finding Week

My people! Another week down. Time is flying by. Feel like the days just
blend in now. But each day has a blessing that is unforgettable. The lord
does wonders my friends! Not too much this week but I will try to keep you
all updated the best I can. So sit back and enjoy!

So no FHE last monday. Sad :( But got one scheduled today, so the party
continues! But this week has straight been tracting week. AH!!! I struggle
with tracting. haha It is something that I know that has to get done but
still hard for me since I got this language I am still learning. But The
lord has humbled me and realize that I got some work to do! So huge
learning experience this week with tracting. But freak, we walk so much
with tracting! I seriously don't think it is possible to walk as much as I
have. I don't even know how I am still standing! Since our area is out in
Vietnam and no tricycles like to visit, we have to walk. So that is the
struggle of tracting. But I will be skinny and that is the only blessing I

So some news on the golden inv of ours. He is awesome! Seriously each
lesson feels like a review and even though his tagalog is deeper than the
ocean, I know he gets it. The other day we asked him if he had prayed about
Joseph Smith and all he said was " Why do I need to question God, when I
already know it to be true?" I just laughed and was shocked! the laugh was
because I just couldn't believe how prepared he was by the lord. Then we
taught WoW yesterday and all he said was "All of that is bad for you, no
way I am doing that." haha so sick! So I feel so blessed that the lord
trust me enough to teach the person he has prepared.

So this Saturday it was family week in the stake and all the missionaries
got to join. PARTY! It was like a straight parade through all the areas and
even had police escorts. The mormons basically run this town. But it was a
blast. and after the parade we went to the stake center and had played some
games and ate some food and had a sweet talent show. It was a blast and
just cool to interact with the members. We had a lot of LA's show up and it
helped out a ton because the next day for church our attendance was up to
70+! The most since I have been here. It was so awesome to see people who
haven't been to church in so long so up with the biggest smiles on their
face. The church is true my friends. Oh ya and at church I gave a talk
again for the second week in a row. So life is a party. By the end of my
mission, I will be pro at just speaking to congregations.

That is the week my folks. Nothing too special but still one filled with
adventures and fun. Of course! But just want to thank you all for the
support and the love you all show. Miss you all and hope life is still
rocking wherever you may be. The Lord works mysterious ways, but he is
always doing what is best for us. Keep hanging in there and remember the
Lord believes in you! I leave you all with a scripture. Alma 41:14-15.
Mahal ko kayo.

Elder Finneman

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  1. Elder Finneman, aka Sugar Cane King
    Congrats to Elder Bayani on his call to Angeles, he must be out for over a year now, I'm sure he's a secretary or leader or something. He will return to be a great leader in Vinzons.
    FHE almost every week! Sounds like a straight party, for real, every week.
    It's so awesome how the Lord works. Just when you were praying for help to teach your teaching pool exclusively made up of nanays, single ladies, and young girls, the Lord drops in some sisters into that area. Sweet birthday gift elder.
    The Madayags seem to be progressing very well, I pray that they make their goal of being sealed to their recently deceased father. That would be a huge blessing. I loved when you carried that boy until you found a tricycle. That was so awesome.
    "Before we started of course there was a brown out but all is well it did not stop the power of FHE" FHE's there sound spiritually hardcore.
    I'm curious about Tatay Nani's Tagalog that is "deeper than the ocean." I want to hear it to see if I understand it.
    Have a glorious week, and stay classy my friend!