Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 5

Well people, this is the end for 18 year old Elder Finneman. Saturday we say hi to a new and improved Elder. It is sad but it brings many joys and it is the start of the best week ever, BIRTHDAY WEEK!  It has been a great last week as an 18 year old and I hope I can fit it all in this email with time to spare hopefully! What a week, the best one yet! I will explain the title and many many more, so sit back and enjoy the last time I will be
with you.

So where to do I start?! Let us begin withthe title!! Caffeine week.  So in
earlier emails I let you all know that we can't drink caffeine here, THE
STRUGGLE.  But with every rule there is an exception! that exception is if
the members offer you coke or pepsi or whatever it is ok to drink it. now,
I don't go looking for these oppoortunities but this week I had coke 3
times! hahahaha yes!! It was awesome and it was just what I needed.  The
lord knows my friends, he knows.

Ok now teaching wise. We gained so many progressing inv this week. Huge
blessing. The lord prepares his people, no doubt. Example of the week goes
to.... Titay Dennis and his fam bam!  This was the 3rd time we have taught
titay and the first time we taught the whole family there.  We were
struggling big time with him because when we would teach it really did not
feel like it was meaning anything to him.  So we planned and were going to
try really hard to find out what he truly needed.  So we walked our to his
house and his family just so happened to be out there. HUGE BLESSING. So we
taught about families and how we could be together forever through this
gospel.  This is where it gets interesting...  After we taught they asked..
"how is this possible?" I had the wonderful and scary opportunity to answer
this question and boy, did the spirit take over.  As I was teaching them
about temples, i had the strongest feeling to ask them to be baptized.  I
was freaking out and started to argue with myself that was crazy. After a
while I just found myself saying the baptismal question to the family.
Shell shocked! it was just silent after. But that is when the spirit takes
over.  You could tell they were thinking about it and after a while they
said they needed time to think about it.  But you could tell that they were
learning what we were teaching was true.  I learned a lot from that lesson.
You don't always get the answer you are looking for when you listen to the
spirit but you get what you need.  Truly a blessing to be able to
experience that. and last experience is yesterday got to teach a Muslim!!
Scary but way cool because he is way interested and wants to know more.  He
knows a lot about the church already so it is hard and scary to teach him
but who knows what could happen! The lord prepares his people.

This week was also the week of exchanges! that was fun and just cool
because I had to lead the area. Oh the joys haha I learned that I know more
then I think I do and the lord won't let you fail while doing his work! I
am so humbled after this week of work.

Now the Pictures! so we had a District meeting on Thursday and after we
decided to have a district photoshoot hahaha so fun and just a straight
party! so there are those two pics. the next 4 is a cool story! so on
saturday we decided to visit our far far areas. So much walking...Sso to
get to one of our inv houses we have to cross a river! At first I thought
Elder Manaois was joking but we really did have to. So I crossed the great
and stormy river! and survived. when we got to our inv house, no one there
haha just our luck, but still got to cross a river so still a party! and
the last ones, today was District Activity!! so we went to the beach and
just had some fun! Had to wear pants so we would not be tempted. but all I
could think about was swimming! Two years it will all be possible! But it
was sweet to be with other missionaries and have a good time on the beach!
so there are some pics of that.

That is the whole week folks! Sorry for the length and I hope you all enjoy
it. If any of you wish to be taken off the list of amazing and awesomeness
just let me know. If not, I wish you the best birthday week ever and hope
you all just have the time of your life!! I have never felt this way before
my friends. It is true. and I owe it all to you. keep partying and just
keep being you! remember, the lord loves you and I just like you. Joke
Joke!! Love you all and I wish you all the best in whatever. Until next
week. So long from 18 year old me.

Elder Kyle Finneman

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  1. Elder Finneman,
    You're serving in the Daet Zone, Labo District... my lola is from Daet, and my lolo is from Labo, just saying... what a small world. I'm glad that the ancestors helped hone your machete skills for the CSP. The Lord knows elder, he knows.