Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 4

Subject: Week 4
Well folks, we are here with another week! My people still don't think I am one of them.  So I may just switch my ethnicity to Samoan.  Joke Joke! But seriously I can't believe my own people don't even think I am one of them. Hits me right in the feels!  Oh well. In other news.... I think I can now say, that I am now getting used to this work! Took me a while but at least it has happened. So sit back and enjoy this week of fun!

This week was a pretty busy week! A ton of meetings and a ton of teaching! A huge blessing. Wednesday hit up the good ole Naga city for a workshop with all of my batch! So sick to see everyone and just so cool to see how everyone was doing. It helped out a ton to know that I was not the only one struggling and also made me realize that life was actually good and I was having huge success. The lord just knows. So that was Wednesday! Then two days later we had zone training, so I got to see some other missionaries again! It helps out so much seeing other missionaries, especially after a rough week.  So this week just let me know that I am doing ok and that life is a party! It is all on how you approach it. 

Now teaching wise! Still teaching a ton of less actives and it is frustrating sometimes. But each time we teach, I can see them start to realize the importance of the gospel. I will tell you a little story about one of our less actives. his name is Samuel and he hasnt been to church in like 30 years i think.  he was baptized in college and then fell away and married into the catholic church. so he has forgotten a lot of the doctrine. So the first 2 lessons we just got to know him and taught him a little about the church again. after the 3rd lesson with him, he starting to open up to us.  he told us his biggest regret was not serving a mission and falling away from the church. So freaking cool to see! So the lord is working big time and I feel lucky that he trusts me enough to use us to get Sam back! 

Investigator wise we just started teaching this sick family! the Dela Cruz fam bam.  Man they are awesome! so willing to listen and to learn more! 2nd lesson in they say they love having us over especially me because of my english and my tagalog. so it was like they were making fun of me. The struggle is real people! but hey if it works, it works. I will take it! so we invited them to church and they said yes! they wanted to way bad! so yesterday shows up and.........challenge failed. sad day but they texted us and said they wanted to but the dad was hung over after a crazy night! Fiestas are happening right now so that was why haha. the dad hasn't heard the lessons yet so hopefully we can get him listening but only the Lord knows! 

That is all I got this week folks but keep rocking! Oh ya in this spider pic, this was at the church haha it was HUGE!! the size of my hand. Don't mess...   Hope all of you have just a great week and just keep living life.  Hang in there and know that there is always tomorrow!! One love homies and until next week.

Elder Kyle Finneman

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