Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 63 - End of Drought Week

Well folks! Another week is upon us! I will try to update you better this week since I have been terrible the past two. No promises though.

So the biggest news this week! Had a baptism this week! Went super well! 4 part members. Was legit!! And the coolest part was their recently Converted grandpa got to baptize them! haha So dope. He had the biggest smile on his face! haha It was the coolest thing to see. So pumped for them. So you could say it was successful baptism.

Work has been good this week! We got punted like crazy but the lessons we taught were way good lessons. Maybe some of the best lessons I have been apart of since I've been serving. Just seeing people's progression! We are teaching a Catholic Minister right now and each lesson, he is slowly starting to realize that the BOM is true. It is the coolest thing ever!! Last lesson he just kept saying, I feel like i am close to surrending to you guys. so legit! This week has been full of lessons like that! So it has been a huge blessing for sure.

I come home every day just beat haha that is the mission life! I am loving it. It has been a huge blessing to be here for sure! The things that I have learned prolly would not have been learned anywhere else. So it has been a huge blessing for sure. Never would have thought haha but I am grateful for it. I miss you guys! Hope all is well. Keep doing what you are doing. And if you don't like it, just try something else :) I love you all. I leave you with a scripture. Philippians 3:13-14. Until next time family.

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